Layers Of Fears Has An Official Release Date Shortly After The Demo

Layers Of Fear

The release date is set for Layers Of Fears with the demo out there giving away the day in June we can expect to head into Layers Of Fear

That did not take long for Layers Of Fears to reveal the official release date for the game. The demo of it all just dropped today, May 15th, and here we are with the official word from Bloober Team that the title they have been working on with Anshar Studios will now be hitting the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on June 15th. Solidly right in the middle of June as they have been stating that Layers Of Fears would officially come. I know I was worried it would be near the end of the month, yet here we are. Time to celebrate and get ready for more of the horror out there.

This reveal comes right on the heels of the demo out there for Layers Of Fears and presumably, the date hidden at the end of it all. Why they would do that and think it would take longer than a few hours for the internet to find out, I have no idea. It is always a weird marketing strategy to do something like that in the information age when things travel so fast. It is what it is here for Layers Of Fears, though, and now we can sit back and get ready to see more of the game in the coming weeks once it is fully ready to hit the market. For now, have a look at the latest trailer again while playing through the demo once more.

Layers Of Fears — Cinematic Intro

Step into the unsettling world of Layers Of Fear, where mysteries and danger lurk around every corner. With only one month left until the release of the Layers series' crowning work, we invite you to watch the cinematic intro of the upcoming game.

Join the Writer on a gripping journey into the foreboding Lighthouse and witness the chilling horrors lurking within its decaying walls.

Layers Of Fears is coming out June 15th 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Did you expect to see Layers Of Fears drop out there as soon as it is now or did you think it would be near the end of the month? Are you worried there might be any delays now that we have a final date or is this a secured thing here? Why would you try to hide things like this in the modern age when someone will snipe it out within moments of going live? Take it all into the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. We will keep on covering what we can for Layers Of Fears on the site for you. Please keep checking back in for all of those updates and everything else we can muster up along the way.