Street Fighter 6 Is Changing Up The Battle System For Us All A Bit

Street Fighter

The open beta for Street Fighter 6 is almost here and we can see a few of the new changes coming in for the fighting in Street Fighter 6

The open beta is almost here for Street Fighter 6 with things kicking off on May 19th and running over the weekend into the 21st. There have been a few things that Capcom has let us all know will be coming to us when the beta kicks off, but here we go with our first dive into it all. We have a nice list of characters we will get to explore in the mix of things for Street Fighter 6 on top of a look at some of the new systems we will get to experience when the game and bet goes live. New things that are all set up for the battle and combat in the mix of things out there. That feels like what they are going to truly be testing out there to see if it will pay off for us all.

What is interesting here for Street Fighter 6 is how the combat will now have some features that will make the game easier for new and inexperienced players to get into the fights. There is the classic system that will have everyone using the six different attack types and all of the combo input commands. Then there is the newer system that will allow us to map all of the controls to single or double button presses to allow us to pull off the same moves and everything we might have lost in the past Street Fighter titles. They are trying to make sure we are not all just button mashing out there anymore if we do not have the solid control sticks at that too.

In addition to these new control schemes for combat, there will also be a deeper dive into the new Street Fighter feature of the Drive mechanics. More or less, another meter we will need to pay attention to while in the heat of a fight that will allow for a few other ways to strike back at the opponents. Through various blocks, parries, and attacks in a meter that will put us into some burnout if we do not pay close attention to it in Street Fighter 6. Have a look at a little more of the breakdown in the following video or wait until this weekend to give it all a try for yourself.

Street Fighter 6 — Characters & Battle System

Need a place to start for the Open Beta? Watch Part I of the Open Beta Video Series, focusing on the eight playable characters, the two Control Types, and how to use the Drive System.

Street Fighter 6’s Open Beta runs from May 19-21 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam!

Are you going to hit up the open beta for Street Fighter 6 here or will you wait until the full launch to give the game a try? How do you think the Drive system will shake things up or will it bog things down instead? Do you like the fact that there will be easier inputs for the plebes out there or will that be something even the masters aim to use? Head into the comment section and let us all know what is up while discussing it all. There will certainly be more for Street Fighter 6, so please keep checking back in for all of those updates and many more.