The Demo Is Almost Here To Have Us Step Into The Layers Of Fears

Layers Of Fear

The Layers Of Fears demo is almost out there and we can see just a bit of what we will be stepping into for Layers Of Fears next week

Those looking to taste of fear again will get just a bit more of that on May 15th with the release of a new demo for Layers Of Fears. A nice and short demo to let you see what Bloober Team and Anshar Studios has been working on and giving us all in June. This is a demo on Steam for the PC, so do take note of that. It is also a timed demo, so there will only be a little bit of time where you will get to experience Layers Of Fears before its full release on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S too. Mark it all down and get ready to wander about once more.

To go along with this little reminder for Layers Of Fears, we have a nice little cinematic trailer to look at to get us further hyped up. A trailer that feels like it is more about the DLC that we had in the past than anything with the multiple titles in the Layers Of Fear run. It could be the part of the demo we are going to get to experience too. We will know more on the 15th, obviously, but this is what it is all hinting at. For now, head over to the website and make sure you are ready to give this all a go once it all goes live. Then the true wait for another month will go down and we see just how this is all shaped up.

Layers Of Fears — Cinematic Intro

Step into the unsettling world of Layers Of Fear, where mysteries and danger lurk around every corner. With only one month left until the release of the Layers series' crowning work, we invite you to watch the cinematic intro of the upcoming game.

Join the Writer on a gripping journey into the foreboding Lighthouse and witness the chilling horrors lurking within its decaying walls.

Layers Of Fears is coming out June 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Do you think this is going to be just a small part of the Layers Of Fear DLC or could it be clips from each different story? Will this demo show off things perfectly or will it be something to test the waters for the devs so they know what to work on in the coming month? Could we see a console version of this land just before the full launch or will they have to wait for that? Head down to the comment section and let us all know what is on your mind for this. Please keep checking back for all of those other updates for Layers Of Fears and much, much more as time marches on.