Disney Speedstorm Has New Characters, Tracks, & Skills To Show Off


A new Disney character is on the way to Disney Speedstorm along with some new tracks and other character skills shown off

Things keep speeding out there for Disney Speedstorm as we get closer to the April 18th Early Access day out there. All of what you are about to check out will be something that Gameloft will have in the mix on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC. So, you can either wait until you have a chance to see how it all plays in Disney Speedstorm then, or we can dig in and see what is coming. Especially since we have a whole new character to jump into the races out there when the game comes. Here we go with another massive look at what the game has to share with us.

We will not keep you away from them all too much, but for Disney Speedstorm here, we have a look at the Unique Skill for Sully and Mike Wazowski, a new track, and the addition of Figment into the races. The first two are a massive roar from Sully that will aid his race in the mix and Mike being able to drop teleportation doors on the track to help him and hinder others. Then there is Arbee's Arena in the mix, with this being a unique character just for Disney Speedstorm here. Have a look at the short clips we have to offer you right now and then keep a close eye out there for when we can start sharing bigger segments of gameplay with you.

Disney Speedstorm — Fearsome Roar [Sulley Unique Skill]

You're going to have a rip-roaring time with Sulley's Unique Skill.

Fearsome Roar will blow your competition away!

Pre-order now to be among the first to play the ultimate hero-based combat racing game inspired by Disney & Pixar worlds!

Disney Speedstorm — Hold The Door! [Mike Wazowski Unique Skill]

Mike’s Unique Skill “Hold The Door” allows Mike to utilize doors to get ahead of other racers on the track!

Disney Speedstorm — Welcome To Arbee’s Arena

We are kicking off the countdown to launch with the reveal of a brand-new race track designed by none other than Arbee!

Arbee’s Arena is a futuristic playground where you’ll need to keep your wits about you to stay on the track!

Disney Speedstorm — Figment Joins The Race

Up next at the Disney Speedstorm starting line is… Figment! With a spark of imagination, Figment is ready to race in Season 1!

Do you see Mike's skill getting abused in the mix of Disney Speedstorm races out there or will it be a truly skill-based mechanic in the mix? Do you like the look of the new character and track we will have just for the game and does it feel like it is a little close to TRON out there? Are you excited to see that Figment is out here now and want to see how the skills will be mixed in for him? Take all of those comments down below and let the discussion flow out there for us all. We will share all that we can for Disney Speedstorm, so please keep a close eye on the site for it all. I have a feeling we will have some bigger things soon.