Disney Speedstorm Is Signaling Us All With Some Unique Skills Out There


The various Disney characters in the mix of Disney Speedstorm will have some unique skills to use during the various races

The racing looks like it will not be the only mechanic we will be playing with in Disney Speedstorm, and now we have a look at what is to come. As it turns out, Gameloft will be adding in unique skills for each of the racers and we have one of those skills to look at today. A good thing, since we have only a little more time before we can get into the Early Access for Disney Speedstorm on April 18th. Then we will be able to race, destroy, and win with all of our loved characters in various ways on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC. Just as the House Of Mouse has dictated for it all.

The Disney character that we are getting here is Celia Mae from Monsters Inc. and the bigger ability Celia will get to use. That being the snakes and the ability to shake it all up in the race. An ability that looks like it will charge up a Boost option while holding down a button. Only so later on we will be able to hold down the button again, after being charged up, to get the speed boost while slowing down all of the other racers in the mix. It looks like Celia will be a little on the trolling side of things in Disney Speedstorm, but that will lead to some dynamic races. I guess we will see for sure in a week when the game opens up for us all to enjoy.

Disney Speedstorm — Snake & Shake [Celia Mae Unique Skill]

Celia’s Unique Skill “Snake & Shake” provides a different type of effect depending on whether Celia’s snakes are happy or angry!

Disney Speedstorm is racing onto the scene in Early Access on April 18.

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Are you excited to see that all of the Disney characters in the game will have something like this and what do you think the others will have? Can you see Celia's getting abused often or will the Early Access lead to that getting balanced out quickly? Would it have made more sense for the snakes to attack or is this all a reference to the Medusa look Celia has and slowing others down by turning them to stone slightly? Head into the comment section below to discuss all of those thoughts and everything else on the way. More and more for Disney Speedstorm keeps on dropping out there, and we will share it all with you as best as we can. Keep a close eye on the site for all of those updates and everything else that can be shared out there with you.