Enter Into The Pride Lands In Disney Dreamlight Valley


Disney fans have much more to experience in Disney Dreamlight Valley with the Pride Lands opening up and many other park options

One more update and event is here for Disney Dreamlight Valley as it is still all in the Early Access form of it all. You can still buy into the Founder's Pack of it all right now, and if you do so, you will get to see the Pride Lands in the mix for us all to explore. This is the next update out there to bring us all Disney's Lion King into the game with Simba and Nala as new companions for us to have. It would be a little nicer to get Timon and Pumbaa in my eyes, though, I will take any update we can get for this game as we still work to the full release of it all. That is still down the line for us all on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC.

In addition to the new area and characters for Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have a few more things in the mix for the game. This means we have a new event that will take place during the month while giving us many new environmental additions to the mix. Some of those are elements from the Disney Parks and other attractions from the park to experience too. At least what Gameloft had a chance to try to work into the game. There is a Ferris Wheel and a massive pirate ship out there in the game not too, so that is a big change for us to experience now. All for the price of free if you have already picked the game up and the Founder's Pack out there before now. It will just cost you to catch up now if you have not.

Disney Dreamlight Valley — Pride Of The Valley

Gameloft, a leader in the creation and publishing of games, today announced the release of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next free major content update for Early Access players, “Pride Of The Valley,” which brings to the game a completely new realm along with Simba and Nala from Disney’s The Lion King. The free update also adds new story quests for some of Dreamlight Valley’s beloved Disney and Pixar residents, and a Star Path that celebrates Disney Parks’ fans with exclusive outfits, furniture, souvenirs, and even Disney Parks attractions.

A magical new door has opened in the Dream Castle, inviting players to discover a brand-new realm adventure and meet two iconic Disney characters - Simba and Nala. Beyond the new realm, players will help Simba and Nala settle into Valley life and embark on adventures that build upon this newfound friendship. In addition to exploring The Lion King Realm, players can embark on brand-new missions such as investigating a possible alien invasion with Buzz, helping Minnie solve a magical problem, and investigating Ursula and Mother Gothel's mysterious meet-ups!

Along with all-new quests, this update’s Star Path season brings the magic of Disney Parks to the Valley. Complete Dreamlight Duties to unlock special Disney Parks-themed rewards, including iconic attractions such as the Mad Tea Party and Pixar Pal-A-Round and new clothing and souvenirs to make the Valley an even more magical experience. Disney Dreamlight Valley’s social pages will host a unique Park-building milestone challenge for opportunities to earn additional in-game items such as balloons, rides, topiaries, and more!

Finally, to celebrate the arrival of spring, players in Disney Dreamlight Valley will also be able to take part in a special Eggstravaganza mini-event from April 8th to the 29th! Players can collect all kinds of eggs, complete daily missions with WALL·E, and more to unlock exclusive cosmetics and rewards.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available in Early Access with the purchase of a Founder’s Pack for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, PC, and Mac.

Are you excited to see the various Disney Park elements out there in the game? Would you have rather had some of the other characters from the Lion King in the mix instead of Simba and Nala? What do you think will be the next update we will see added in once this update and event has run its course? Let us know those answers in the comment section below while keeping the discussion flowing as best as you can. I will try to get more for Disney Dreamlight Valley out to you as fast as I can. It just takes the game updating a bit more for us all to make that happen.