The Outlast Trials Will Be Opening Up Into An Early Access Soon


An Early Access is on the way for The Outlast Trials to give all of the Outlast fans a bit of the experience before launch

Get ready to scream and shout, as we will be seeing The Outlast Trials coming at us soon and in an Early Access form on the PC. Not just because it is coming but because Red Barrels is also offering up a look at some of the voice acting we are going to get to experience in the mix. Unless they want to change anything after the Early Access ends for The Outlast Trials. We will only have to wait and see for that but the taste for it all will drop on us on May 18th. That is when it is going to be kicking off and bringing more of the terror back into many of our worlds. As if it ever left in the first place…

I wish we had more to offer up for The Outlast Trials beyond all of that, but all we do have is a lot of screams and craziness to hear from the cast. All of which does sound like it will be unnerving more of us out there if we do dive into the various trials and put on some noise-canceling headphones too. That is the better way to listen to all of this here too. Some of it is not just screaming but also some of the rantings of the ultimate evils in The Outlast Trials. That is, unless, you are looking at the powers that be as a guiding light out there instead of someone that is aiming to torture us all along the way. Have a look and listen to what is going to happen here.

The Outlast Trials — Early Access Date

Join The Outlast Trials Early Access coming May 18th, 2023. Work together and maybe you’ll survive Murkoff’s Trials.

Will you be jumping in on The Outlast Trials when the Early Access fires off or will you be letting others try it all out instead? Will all of this build into a better game or something that you will have to lower the volume on to not blow out your ears? Will the leader of the trials actually be out to help or harm us all along the way here? Tell us what you are thinking about all of this in the comment section and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to. There should be more for The Outlast Trials as we get closer to the Early Access and then as it all unfolds out there. Please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else that we can find out there for you.