Paul Phoenix Is Riding Back Into The Challenge In Tekken 8


One more of the classic Tekken characters is coming back with Paul joining the fight in Tekken 8

Rev up those engines and get ready to see as Paul Phoenix rides back in for Tekken 8. This is the latest character revealed for the upcoming title form Bandai Namco as we get another of the classic characters back in the mix. Although, the look and feel for Paul does help him to be separated out from the classic we have seen in the many other Tekken over the years. This one seems a bit darker, grittier, and ready to add some extra hurt on the others in the ring. Not that any of the other fighters would not be ready and willing to do the same thing up to now. This is just the latest as we wait to see the game land on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2024.

Now that we know that Paul is coming back for Tekken 8, we can take a look at the gameplay that we also have to come along for this one. Even though Paul has aged quite a bit since we last saw him in the fight, Paul does look like he is just as agile and capable as ever. Not only that, but also coming back with some extra moves and skills that we have yet to see Paul use in the past Tekken titles while bringing us some of the familiar moves too. It all still likes the same stuff we have for the IP over the decades but I know it will still be an exciting announcement for those that have loved this one forever. You can see Paul in action in the following trailer we do have for the game. Have a good look and see if this will be your character again or if you will be waiting for a different one to come on back.

Tekken 8 — Paul Phoenix Gameplay

Fighting is a skill he has mastered with hair—err flair.

Paul punches back in Tekken 8!

Did you expect to see Paul back in from all of the other Tekken games or did you suspect he was in retirement forever? Does it look like Paul is about the same as we have had in the past but with a new skin or does Paul feel like a new character this time? Are you looking for a different one to join in the fight again or do you just want some new characters at this point? Take it all down into the comments and feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. We will have a whole lot more for Tekken 8 in the coming months and year, so please keep checking on back in for all of that and much more. I am sure that you will be excited by all of this.