The Alters Will Need You To Ask Yourself So Many Questions

The Alters

Another tease for The Alters is here that will have you asking some deeper questions just as The Alters will do

In another universe or timeline, we have had a plethora of new information out there for The Alters since it was announced. It has been close to nine months since we had the announcement out there from 11 Bit Studios for the game and this title has been almost lost to the minds of everyone since. At least that was the case around here. Not because there have been so many other PC games out there to hide it, but the choice was made to stay silent on The Alters until now. Now, we have a very specific choice that the developers have made to help show off what we may be getting in the future. The variance of choice as we watch Jan show off how things would work if you had to live with every possible choice made along the way.

Sadly, this one looks like it is the choice to just remind us that The Alters is come with Jan looking about not making a choice. Maybe there is something deeper to all of this, but there is not much else to go on from it. This is the branch where we are given nothing much but a reminder for the game. A reminder you can see for this narrative title just below. Even if it is a short and sweet little thing that has more of the title for The Alters than anything else to go in on. Some choices just do not seem to lead to what we all want out there, I guess…

The Alters — Ask Yourself

The Alters firmly aligns with 11 Bit Studios’ development and design philosophy. A unique narrative, driven forward by the interactions of altered versions of the same genetic human, Jan is an everyman trapped during a space mission gone awry trying to find a way home and repair his shattered life in the process. It's up to the player to understand the weaknesses and strengths of Jan's tweaked identities—his alters—and resourcefully balance the dynamics between them.

Each alter’s life branches at various stages and ages, making them different people despite their identical DNA. They are, by every measure, individuals driven by their own motivations and torn by their own emotions. They’ve made different decisions, maybe one made mistakes that another did not, and by looking at who each alter ultimately becomes, perhaps players will question who they could have become if they’d done things differently themselves.

Did you forget about The Alters up to now or have you been making the choice to wait for every little bit we can get? Is there more hidden in this trailer than we thought or is it just a choice to bring you into the site and make you miss a bit of time out there in the world? When do you think we will finally see the full gameplay in the mix and will that come during E3 this year as the announcement originally did? Make the choice to go into the comment section and start the discussion for it all. We will keep an eye out for more for The Alters and will share it as we get it. Please keep checking in for all of that and everything else the site has to offer up.