Layers Of Fears Is Coming To Scare Us All This Coming June

Layers Of Fears

The release window for Layers Of Fears is set with June being the timeline that we could be seeing Layers Of Fears in our homes

All of our fears will be coming true soon with the release window for Layers Of Fears set down for us now. A release window that will have us all diving into the game this coming June on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. When in the month, that is still yet to be known for sure with Bloober Team still holding onto the specific date, but we know it will be early in the Summer now. Possibly just after E3 we will get to see Layers Of Fears, as that would make the best of sense. Even if that is more of a preference for me and not one that would make the best for the sale of the game in general. They could line up though…

Along with this new release window for Layers Of Fears, there is a little bit more of the gameplay for the title too. Not much that shows off what we will be doing in the game beyond just walking around, but it does give us a look at how the teams have been using the Unreal Engine 5 to give us a truly next-gen title. All with the Ray Tracing, 4K resolutions, and the new Lumen system to give us a deeper horror title than we have ever had before. All while mixing in some amazing sound design into Layers Of Fears that will unnerve us all more. As long as the team holds up their streak they have had for a while now. Have a look and see just what we could be seeing here in the coming months.

Layers Of Fears — Release Window

Bloober Team and Anshar Studios are excited to kick off 2023 by sharing an updated look at Layers Of Fears and its upcoming release schedule. Get ready to experience a meticulously refined horror journey with what Bloober considers to be the ultimate Layers Of Fear experience. Prepare to make peace with the unknown as you delve into the twisted and eerie stories of three obsession-driven artists in this first-person psychedelic horror game launching for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC in June 2023.

The series that defined narrative-focused first-person psychological horror is back to tell its last spine-chilling story with Layers Of Fears. The series’ crowning work is the definitive way to experience the critically acclaimed franchise as it features Layers Of Fear and Layers Of Fear 2, as well as all DLCs (including the new ‘The Final Note’ DLC that will give you a new perspective on the Layers Of Fear storyline) and the never-before-told story of The Writer, which will tie everything together.

Layers Of Fears was developed from the ground up using cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5 technology. The game will support Ray Tracing, HDR, 4K resolution, and makes use of the Lumen system to offer the most immersive and visceral horror experience in the market. Arek Reikowski, the two-time nominee in the Best Soundtrack category of the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and winner of the Digital Dragons Best Soundtrack award for The Medium, has composed a hypnotic score that adds an extra layer of tension to the game. His hauntingly beautiful compositions—paired with the enhanced visual fidelity made possible by Unreal—will leave players sitting on the edge of their seats with chills shooting down their spines.

Did you think that we would be getting Layers Of Fears this soon or did October feel like it was going to be the timeline for this one? How do you think that the game will be shifting into different fears or will it be more of the same but with better visuals? Do you think that the new systems in UE5 will truly make for a better game or will they be buzzwords to help sell the game for now? Head into the comment section to see and hear all of this for yourself. When we have more to offer up for Layers Of Fears, know that we will share it all here just for you. Please keep checking in for all of that and much more.