Seek Some New Redemption With The Next DLC For Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns

The next DLC for Marvel’s Midnight Suns is on the way and it is time for Venom to seek some redemption and join up with the Midnight Suns

For those that have played Marvel’s Midnight Suns before now, you most likely have had a hatred for Venom in the game. For those that do not know, Venom is a massive thorn in the side for a good portion of the game as Firaxis Games made the character not only close to the comic version but added in the demonic corruption to the symbiote. A lethal combination for sure, and one that we will soon get to see a bit of a redemption arc for in the game. All of which in the new DLC coming to Marvel’s Midnight Suns on February 23rd when Venom joins the crew on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Then maybe we will be able to lose some of the new hatred we have had for the character in this setting.

The details on how Venom will function in our hands and meld into the Midnight Suns team are a little murky here, but we do know that there will be ten new hero abilities just for Venom and a whole redemption story for us to play out. A story, that if you have not made it a good chunk into the game, could lead to some spoilers. That goes even in the following trailer we have for this DLC. Be warned if you do not want any of that to happen to you. In addition, though, Venom will also bring a new Abbey upgrade and a plethora of fresh cosmetics to adorn in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The hellfire suit looks like it will be a go-to for me, but there could be many more hidden in the mix that the story will hand out along the way. We will all know how that goes next week now.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns — Redemption

He’s caused a mountain of hurt, but this brutal antihero is ready for Redemption. With fangs bared and tongue writhing in ravenous anticipation, it’s time to unleash the power of the Symbiote when Venom joins the Midnight Suns on February 23!

Expand your adventure with Venom in Redemption, the second DLC for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Venom joins the roster to chew through evildoers and feed his insatiable hunger, bringing with him 10 unique Hero abilities. Plus, enjoy new story missions, a brand new Abbey Upgrade, and some fresh cosmetics for this brutal antihero!

Have you been waiting for Venom to show up again with the Midnight Suns since the DLC was first launched or are you waiting for one of the other characters to get into the mix? How do you think the story will play out if you have not made it to a specific part of the game or will we only get access once we fully beat it all? Will there be a full redemption for the anti-hero Venom is now known for or will things take a different shift in the game's story? Head into the comment section below to let us all know what is in your head and then discuss it all. We know we will have more for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, so please keep checking back in for all of those updates and many, many more.