The Last Of Us Part I Will Take A Bit Longer To Get To The PC

The Last Of Us

PC fans of The Last Of Us will have to wait a little longer to get to experience The Last Of Us Part I now

I hope you are enjoying The Last Of Us show for now, when it comes to those PC-only gamers out there, as it looks like you are going to have to wait a bit longer for the game remake now. A few more weeks now since it looks as if Naughty Dog needs more time to get things together and done. March 3rd will no longer be the release date now for The Last Of Us Part I Remake. So you can either choose to spin up the PS5 version now or wait until March 28th for the full release to hit the PC now. Sadly, it will not culminate at the end of the show run anymore but at least it is not a long wait here.

The delay for The Last Of Us Part I on the PC comes about with the usual delay reasons given. The team needs a little more time to iron out and polish some of the flaws that have cropped up due to the port from PS5 to PC. It is a little odd to hear that when it comes to any video game given how they are developed, but it is what it is. This does mean that we will have a bit of a break and a chance to rewatch the show again in one solid binge before diving into The Last Of Us again to see how the game differs. There is that part to look forward to and get hyped over, so let us do all of that instead of just be sad.

The Last Of Us Part I — PC Pre-Purchase

Were you hoping to dive into the game once the TV version of The Last Of Us ended or was that only a slight thing to look forward to for you lately? Will there be some extra benefits to waiting for the game to come out a bit later or should you just dive into the console versions instead? Will you be using the Photo Mode on the PC or will that have run its course by the time the game launches now? Sound off in the comments with all of your thoughts on this and then feel free to discuss it all. As more updates for The Last Of Us Part I Remake come out there, we will keep updating you all as best as we can.