Returnal Is Giving Us A Whole Lot More To Experience On The PC Soon


The PC release for Returnal is almost here and we will have various new features coming with this launch of Returnal

The PC gaming crowd can now get amped up more for the launch of Returnal as February 15th looms ever-closer for you. It took a little bit of time, but Housemarque has finally been able to get things shifted and perfected away from the PS5. The loop is going to continue out there for Returnal and even more can get in on the story, co-op, and various other challenges to explore along the way. For those that also have a higher-end system out there, it also looks as if you will be able to have some cool little extras in the mix of everything too. That is all based on the current list of extra features we have to look at today.

More or less, the extra features for Returnal on the PC will be centered around the wider screens and visual performances that PC hardware can do. This is along the lines of extra reflections and other lighting effects that the latest video cards can pump out for us all. There is also a bit more for the audio to allow for better 3D audio options out there too. All while getting access to the DualSense controller schemes that the PS5 version of Returnal has already offered up to us in the past. Have a look at the new features in motion here and see if it will be worth your time to dive in on this new version of the game.

Returnal — PC Features

Returnal comes to PC on February 15, 2023 — learn about some of the new features coming to the PC version and pre-purchase now.

Have you been enjoying Returnal before now or have you been waiting to get the PC version out there for yourself? Will the new visuals and audio make the game experience better or just another bit of flash to help sell others on the game? Will you be trying to play the game with a keyboard and mouse or will it be worth going in on the DualSense controller instead? Dive into all of that and more in the comment section below. If we have more to offer up for Returnal in any way, know that we will share it all here or on our socials for you. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open for all of that and more.