Dead Island 2 Welcomes Us All More Into The Pre-Orders Of Hell-A

Dead Island

A load of new gameplay for Dead Island 2 is here to show us the world and other bits that link back to Dead Island

Just when we all thought it would be a long while and we were not going to get anything substantial for Dead Island 2 with that recent delay, we have another thing coming. Before now, Dambuster Studios was teasing something that looked like a live-action trailer for the game or some form of movie to help promote it. That is finally here, and it looks like we were a little off on what we all expected. Yes, there is something live-action for Dead Island 2 to help place us into the setting, but it brings us a whole slew of new gameplay, a new feature, and all of the various pre-orders and items we can get if we are looking to pretend to be one of those rich Hollywood humans. IE: Spend more than just the base price for the game.

Right out of the gate here, we have a look at the various areas, zombies, and weapons we will use against those zombies in Dead Island 2. We also get to see quite a bit more of the various other tech we are going to get to use in the game to make this whole experience a little bit easier. Also, as we have seen in other games like Dead Island, it looks like we will be getting some "superpowers" based on being bitten in the game too. I am not a huge fan of this in general, but I know gamers need to have something else over-the-top in their already over-the-top game. Even if it does detract from some of the other fun we have had in the past where things were not as crazy as we get to see here.

Dead Island 2 — Welcome To HELL-A

Welcome to HELL-A! Join slayers Jacob and Amy on a picture postcard tour of LA – we've got the gore tech, weapons, and combat gameplay, and of course the gruesome zombies.

This trailer has got all the usual tourist attractions covered, albeit with a uniquely horrifying vibe.

Dead Island 2 comes out on April 28th, 2023 launching for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

The part where some of the live-action gets to play in here, though, is that we also have the announcement that Dead Island 2 will have Alexa integration into the game for the Xbox and PC gamers out there. There is no explanation for why it is not for the PlayStation, but we can ignore that for now. No matter the case, it looks like we can do some of the basic commands in Dead Island 2 through an enabled app and also be able to call some of the zombies to us if we so wish to. Why we need this instead of just a button press is beyond me, but it will be an option for those that want to use it in the game. Also for those that can once it hits the shelves out there.

Dead Island 2 — Alexa Game Control

Hey Zombie! Alexa Game Control is coming to Dead Island 2 and will be available on PC and Xbox versions of the game in the US, Canada, and the UK. Use your voice to interact with zombies, swap your weapons, call up your map, and more.

Last up for Dead Island 2, here we go with the various pre-orders and editions we can shell out for as of right now. None of them seem to be too insane, which is weird, but offer up both some physical and digital fun to have with the game if you so want to spend more money. Then there is also the figurine which is a separate cost but will give you a stylized version of Amy from Dead Island 2 so you can add another statue into your gaming space. It does look insanely cool, but feels like it should have been part of some bigger bundle that is not going to be offered out there. There has to be a good call for this that I am just not seeing at this time.

Dead Island 2 — Pre-Order Reveal

Check out the special editions and bonus content available for Dead Island 2, including the Limited HELL-A Edition and the stunning “Amy” collector’s figurine.

Pre-order now and get the Memories of Banoi Pack for free, featuring weapons, skills, and perks that are a welcomed addition to any Zombie Slayer’s arsenal.

The HELL-A Edition features an exclusive steelbook, Venice Beach map, DI2 pins and patch, 6 unique slayer tarot cards, expansion pass, and Pulp and Golden Weapons Packs.

Dead Island 2 — Collector’s Figurine

Immerse yourself in the stylish, vibrant world of Dead Island 2 with this exclusive collector’s item.

This stunning, hand-painted, resin figurine shows zombie slayer Amy, chilling in Burger 66 with a milkshake after a zombie smashing session.

Amy is available to purchase now, exclusively from the Deep Silver store.

Are you glad to see that the live-action was more of a fun thing to give us some new Dead Island 2 footage or would you have just rather had the gameplay and nothing more? Do you think there is going to be a good reason to have the Alexa app to us in the game or will that just be something to brag about later on? How do you feel about the collectibles and extras we might be able to get here and will they be worth the extra money for you? Feel free to let us all know what you are thinking about all of this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. If we have more for Dead Island 2 to share, you know we will share it all here. Please keep checking in for all of that and everything else we have along the way.