The Callisto Protocol Will Make Us All Question Some Of The Humanity Out There

Callisto Protocol

The next part of the docuseries for The Callisto Protocol is here to give us all of the new horror coming with The Callisto Protocol

The horrors of The Callisto Protocol keep growing and we have one more look at how the team has been building it all to give us the best experience to date. We have seen in the past how Striking Distance Studios has been using the proper elements out there to be engaging and trigger all of the fear points in the brain. Now we get to see the next two factors for making a good horror experience as well as go behind the scenes again for The Callisto Protocol. Just so we can get fully prepared for the December 2nd release on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Here we go with a look at how The Callisto Protocol will be filled with all of the Helplessness and Humanity for the characters in the mix. Both things that need to be balanced in the game to keep us all fully invested and immersed in the characters and setting. Not to mention make sure we do not just shift into a Hopelessness state, which can make many just give up. Thankfully, the cast that we have here will be giving us a top-notch performance and make us all connect with the characters so we want to keep them all going. Even if it does look like a few of them will be characters we want to see fail in the mix of The Callisto Protocol. That is a true testament to their talents and I know I am amped to see how it will all function out there.

The Callisto Protocol — Mastering Horror Docuseries: Helplessness & Humanity

Glen Schofield and the development team at Striking Distance Studios are joined by the cast of The Callisto Protocol and notable icons in horror entertainment as they go behind the scenes of the game and discuss their shared love of the horror genre.

Join us for Episode 3 to learn how helplessness and humanity go hand-in-hand to create dread, vulnerability, and hope in the horror genre, and how The Callisto Protocol balances helplessness and humanity to increase player’s fear and invest players in the characters trying to escape the terrors of Black Iron Prison.

Mark your calendars for the culmination of the docuseries with the Mastering Horror Roundtable on November 17, 2022.

If you were in the market for even more for The Callisto Protocol, it looks as if there is a new audio story being told for the game to get us all ready for it more. It feels like it is something that will be a bit of a prequel to the events we are going to get to play, while also being a fun 360 form of content to listen to in the background. Not to mention that Gwendoline Christie is the main voice we are getting in the mix of things. We have the first three episodes that are out there now for you to listen to just a little lower. All so we can get more of The Callisto Protocol in our lives and give the correct levels of horror in our lives for the season.

The Callisto Protocol — Helix Station Trailer

In the year 2320, a skip tracer hunts down a dangerous escaped criminal on a derelict space station. In the process, she must confront murderous alien life forms, as well as unspeakable horrors from her past.

The Callisto Protocol — Helix Station Episode 1: The Proposition

Percy and Kane are 24th century skip tracers forced to help track down an escaped prisoner on the abandoned, decaying Helix Station. But, something happened on Helix Station decades before that Percy can’t talk about and can’t forget…but what choice do they have?

The Callisto Protocol — Helix Station Episode 2: Shipwrecks

Percy, Kane and Co. are surrounded by death and peril on the abandoned, radioactive space city, Helix Station. Once aboard the escaped Black Iron Prison ship docked there, they find something even more horrifying…

The Callisto Protocol — Helix Station Episode 3: Loss In Space

The two skip tracers and the prison officers find the teenage daughter of the escaped prisoner they tracked to Helix Station and stumble upon a strange alien being frozen in a block of ice. Is the ice…melting?

Have you been expecting a whole lot from The Callisto Protocol when it comes to horror or have these been building the expectations up? Will this be something that the team will be able to meet or will it only be for those that have a love for the genre of things and general audiences will be a little letdown? Will these audio episodes build further into the main story of the game or will they only be for those looking to get all of the lore and nothing more? Give us all of your thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to. More for The Callisto Protocol will be on the way to us all soon, so keep an eye out on the site for all of that and much more.