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The Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast Is Here With Gameplay Coming Soon
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 9th of March 2017 - 03:00 PM ]
Guardians Of The Galaxy New screenshots for Guardians Of The Galaxy have been placed out there with word on when we'll see Guardians Of The Galaxy in action before launch We've all been waiting for something to come out officially for the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy title that Telltale Games is working on but since its originally announcement back in December all we've had have been rumors and speculation. Things like the "leak" that we may see the first episode at least before the end of April, the 25th is still the date in rumor, as well as very little on what the game's story will actually revolve around. Given that Marvel has made it clear that their video games don't need to follow the Film and TV franchise continuity if they don't want to, this version of the Guardians Of The Galaxy is rather up in the air and still fraught with mystery. Read More...
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Could Be Landing As Soon As April
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 10th of January 2017 - 01:00 PM ]
Guardians Of The Galaxy A release date for Guardians Of The Galaxy's physical version popped up at GameStop and could point to when Guardians Of The Galaxy will launch this year It looks like we may have a timeline for when to expect Guardians Of The Galaxy to release; or at least the first episode of the season. It looks like there was yet another screw up over at GameStop and the release date for Telltale Games' physical version of the series popped up online. Given how they usually run their releases for digital and physical versions, we may be seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy landing sometime in late March or early April for the digital release as the physical version was listed as April 25th on the site before being pulled back down and hidden again. Read More...
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New Rumored Story Synopsis For Spider-Man Has Just Sprung Up
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 3rd of January 2017 - 01:00 PM ]
Spider-Man A new rumor for the new Spider-Man title coming to PS4 has popped up and could reveal some of Spider-Man's story as well as release year Update Confirmed False @Spidey889 @SamuelOfir IMDB is like Wikipedia, anyone can add anything to it. You'll hear the real deal from us first — Insomniac Games (@insomniacgames) January 3, 2017 The rumor mill is totally churning and this time it is all about a title so many want anything extra on; Spider-Man. Not the upcoming Marvel film but the new video game announced from Insomniac Games way back at E3 last year that has been hit with all kinds of silence ever since. Although these latest rumors do come from a place where one would expect them for the Spider-Man film, these are all about the upcoming video game heading to the PS4. Read More...
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This Week In Video Games 12/26/16 â 12/30/16
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 30th of December 2016 - 07:00 PM ]
Video Games A lot has gone on this week in video games. Here's a recap of what we covered in the world of video games on the site We did it. We made it not only to the end of another week in video games but the end of the year in video games as well. It was one hell of a ride and thankfully we were able to get us all through it. Even though this is generally the week that is the slowest we managed to get you two reviews for The Walking Dead and our impressions of Friday The 13th as it stands right now. There was also a lot of interesting news for both Assassin's Creed and For Honor as well as some for all of those PC gamers out there playing on Windows 10. Read More...
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We May Have A Release Window For Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Now
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 28th of December 2016 - 01:00 PM ]
Marvel Vs Capcom In a recent interview for Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite is looks like details around when we should see Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite next year have been slipped It looks like next year is going to be a big one for Capcom with all of the anticipated titles and now even more so as it looks like Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite may be joining in some of the great anniversary fun late next year. That is, we may now know about when we can expect to see the game hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC and it all looks to be linked into the huge Street Fighter anniversary that is about to go down. At least that is if we take what recently was said during an interview for Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite with a bit of faith and a bit of hope. Read More...
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The Battle Rages On As Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Gets Announced
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 5th of December 2016 - 03:00 PM ]
Marvel Vs Capcom The next Marvel Vs Capcom title has been finally announced and we can see Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite sometime late in 2017 now What was once rumor is now true as Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite has been given its official announcement out at PSX over the weekend. Slight murmurs began just before the show that the game was coming but given the fact that no one could name the person over at Capcom that let the information slip, we never put much stock in it. That and it was better to have the excitement lead up to the "hidden" new Marvel Vs Capcom announcement and now we have it. Maybe that is just me though as we now wait and see what we will be fully getting on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime late in 2017. Read More...
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Has Been Officially Confirmed To Be In The Works
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 2nd of December 2016 - 03:00 PM ]
Guardians Of The Galaxy The rumors of Guardians Of The Galaxy being in the works from Telltale have been confirmed and we'll see Guardians Of The Galaxy sometime next year And just like that all of the Guardians Of The Galaxy rumors were true as it looks like the game is officially in development and slated to hit sometime next year. I'm going to go on a limb and say that Telltale Games is going to aim for a May release for the game as it would sync up with Marvel on the film's release but as the two are not connected outside of characters they may go down a different path. None the less, we have a Guardians Of The Galaxy game coming from Telltale and we also have a nice little teaser for it all. Read More...
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It Looks Like That Telltale & Marvel Deal Could Be A Guardians Of The Galaxy Game
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 15th of November 2016 - 03:00 PM ]
Marvel New documents point to that Marvel and Telltale collaboration to be bringing Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy to a system near you in 2017 If you put on your "way back" hat you may remember the announcement that Marvel and Telltale Games were going to be working together to bring us a new story set in the massive universe they have to play in. Nothing was set in stone or defined out at that time outside of the plan to bring whatever title the two were working on to market in 2017. That year is closely approaching and we still have not heard which Marvel IP this could be revolving around or any real update to it all. Read More...
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This Week In Video Games 8/29/16 â 9/2/16
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 2nd of September 2016 - 07:00 PM ]
Video Games A lot has gone on this week in video games. Here's a recap of what we covered in the world of video games That is yet another wrap in a great week for video games. So many things going on all week and we just started yet another PAX for all those gamers out there to check out titles like Mafia 3, Tomb Raider, and Final Fantasy XV. Hopefully there will be a lot of news out of all of that and more video games for us to enjoy shortly after it all. It is one huge celebration of all things gaming but of course there is always going to be new updates to have and new news to be read. Read More...
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Review â Marvel Ultimate Alliance [PS4]
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 31st of August 2016 - 03:00 PM ]
Marvel Ultimate Alliance We sit down and review Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It's been a decade since it first came out & has been remastered. Here's our review of Marvel Ultimate Alliance A long time ago we were all introduced to Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the PS2. A game at the time was one of the best that Raven Software had pumped out to us through Activision and thus started a decent partnership for Marvel titles to be done by this publisher. Now we jump forward about a decade and Marvel Ultimate Alliance has been remastered and made to work on the PS4 and Xbox One. We had a chance to check it out and see if the game holds up over the years or if it is something that you should hold out on. Read More...
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New Spider-Man Is In The Works But Not A Film Tie-In
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 23rd of June 2016 - 01:00 PM ]
Spider-Man During E3 it was revealed that Spider-Man was getting yet another title in the mix but this won't be a Spider-Man game tied into anything but the general lore Another one of the huge surprises out of E3 was the announcement of a new Spider-Man game coming into the mix. Maybe not a huge surprise given the agreement between Sony and Marvel for the IP but the bigger one would be that Insomniac Games is doing the building and that it will not be linked into the new film at all. In fact, this Spider-Man title will be a completely standalone title and unsurprisingly available for the PS4 sometime in the future. How long into the future is of course a good question as this is still a working title for the game but it would make sense to use the synergy of the new film; so maybe July of 2017… Of course as this is just an announcement and a tease for the new Spider-Man title, information for the game is still sparse. Read More...
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LEGO Marvel's Avengers' World Gets A Little More Open For Us All
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 9th of December 2015 - 04:59 PM ]
LEGO Marvel's Avengers A new LEGO Marvel Avengers trailer has been released and it shows off how open the worlds of LEGO Marvel Avengers will be when we join the fight If you were under the impression that LEGO Marvel's Avengers was going to follow just the simple path of the films that it will be depicting then we are all wrong. In the most recent trailer for the game it is shown that TT Games has built multiple open worlds for us to explore and save the day in. LEGO Marvel's Avengers is making a bit more sense now with showing up to the party a little late to capitalize off the films that inspired it all. Read More...
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The Merc' With The Mouth, Deadpool, Is Hitting Next Gen Systems
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 1st of September 2015 - 01:00 PM ]
It has been announced that Deadpool will be making the leap from the PS3 and 360 to the PS4 and Xbox One this November bringing all of the Deadpool goodness with him Talk about a "remaster" of sorts coming out of nowhere as Deadpool is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One almost two years after it hit the PS3 and Xbox 360. This would be the High Moon Studios game that came out in 2013 that also had a lot of mixed reviews based on the titular character Deadpool. I am sure that Activision isn't doing this because of the most likely success of the Marvel franchise recently and the new film on the way. Read More...
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Because We Need More LEGO Games We Have LEGO Marvel's Avengers
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 9th of June 2015 - 05:00 PM ]
Not to discriminate in the LEGO games we now have LEGO Marvel's Avengers announced and coming later this winter from TT Games If you were sitting around wondering if we could cram one more LEGO video game in this year then let me answer that with yes and it is LEGO Marvel's Avengers. Don't let the title fool you here though as it isn't just a LEGO version of the first Avengers film but LEGO Marvel's Avengers is a combination of both of the Avengers films in one. A lot like LEGO Jurassic World and being a combination of all four of the films in the franchise. None the less it looks like TT Games has either mastered the craft to churn out LEGO games or they have been breaking themselves like crazy to get all of these titles, LEGO Marvel's Avengers included, out in 2015. Read More...
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This Week In Video Games 4/20/15 â 4/24/15
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 24th of April 2015 - 07:00 PM ]
A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here's A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games Another week down and another week closer to having all of those video games that we keep talking about here. Or the DLC of said video games. You get the deal here. We had yet another productive week in video games and all of the news and updates we could have wanted. Granted we have the big Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 reveal coming over the weekend even though all of the 'leaks' and teases may have spoiled a bit of it all. We can ignore all of that and look towards Mad Max and whatever Marvel and Telltale have chambered for us in 2017. Read More...
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