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Let's Talk About Video Games & Their Remakes, Remasters, Reboots
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Wednesday, 19th of April 2017 - 03:00 PM ]
Video Games There is something going on with video games lately so let's talk about the horrible video games industry practices of late The video games industry is rife with shady business practices. Having people shell out sixty dollars for a game than thirty for a season pass or even more if there is a special edition of a game. This renders most reviews or opinions of a game worthless to the developer. They already have your money and that’s what they mainly care about; rightly so as this is a business. Read More...
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Here's What To Expect From Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX's Upgrades
by Julia Thompson [ Tuesday, 7th of March 2017 - 05:00 PM ]
Kingdom Hearts New gameplay for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX has been shown off to give us a feel for how the Kingdom Hearts franchise has been updated for the current gen systems In a few weeks those who missed out on Kingdom Hearts the first time around, in any of its forms, will get a chance to give it all a try as Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX still hits us on March 28th. Read More...
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New Final Fantasy 7 Remake & Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots Have Been Spotted
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 20th of February 2017 - 03:00 PM ]
Final Fantasy The wait is over for Final Fantasy 7 Remake & Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots but the wait for Final Fantasy 7 Remake still eludes all of us for 2017 The wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake still lingers on as it still looks like we won't be seeing it this year, but that is only in a final form as we have a few new screenshots for the game here. Not only that but a little other title that Square Enix is working on in the way of Kingdom Hearts III. You know, the next two most anticipated titles from the developers now that Final Fantasy XV has released and is in DLC and update mode only at this point. Read More...
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This Week In Video Games 11/7/16 â 11/11/16
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 11th of November 2016 - 07:00 PM ]
Video Games A lot has gone on this week in video games. Here's a recap of what we covered in the world of video games on the site This sure has been one crazy week and not just in video games. We won't go into all the other stuff going on in the world but we'll focus back on our little distractions that had some updates. Like Final Fantasy XV and Resident Evil 7 to name a few. That is if we ignore N7 Day as well and skip over the Mass Effect updates that we had to see. Read More...
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The Kingdom Hearts III Story May Have Been Expanded A Bit More
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 8th of November 2016 - 03:00 PM ]
Kingdom Hearts It looks like more of Kingdom Hearts III's story has popped up and we'll be seeing even more worlds when Kingdom Hearts III comes to market If you've been chomping at the bit to get any kind of update for Kingdom Hearts III then you can take a break from that as it looks like a bit of the story has been spotted out there for us to dissect into. While this may not be officially out of Square Enix it does look like some text from the back of the Sora Play-Arts Kai box has a few little details on what we can expect to be going on in the next game. It may not be much to go on as we wait for Kingdom Hearts III to hit the PS4 and Xbox One, but it is something to look over and let the brain juices flow over. Read More...
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It Looks Like All Of Kingdom Hearts Is Back In One Big Package For Us
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 28th of October 2016 - 01:00 PM ]
Kingdom Hearts The entire compilation of Kingdom Hearts is heading to the PS4 now as Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX has been announced for March 2017 I knew it was only a matter of time but it looks like Kingdom Hearts is finally making its way to the PS4 and not just Kingdom Hearts III. It looks like Square Enix wants to make sure we all know the story up to now before KH3 lands as we are now getting a new collection and for the PS4. The amazing news here is that it isn't just the two core games but the entire franchise up to now. That's right, here we go with the Kingdom Hearts HD 1. Read More...
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Watch PlayStation's 2016 E3 Press Conference Right Here
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 13th of June 2016 - 09:00 PM ]
E3 2016 Can't Be At E3 2016 Or The Sony Press Conference? We Have You Covered With The Live Stream Straight From E3 2016 Not everything is going to be on the show floor of E3 2016 and because of that we have these huge press conferences and here we go with Sony's huge event just before the doors open for us all. Just as the games and announcements they have for E3 2016 not all of us will be able to be there on the show floor to see them as well. Thankfully we live in the age of live streaming and we can watch the press conference through multiple online avenues. Read More...
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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Combat Footage To Gaze Upon In Development
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 21st of December 2015 - 01:00 PM ]
Kingdom Hearts 3 A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 has been released only this time it houses more Kingdom Hearts 3 combat so we can see how the game is progressing The promise was made by Square Enix that we would see some new gameplay for Kingdom Hearts 3 last week and it looks like we finally had it. It was a bit later than most expected but now we can see a bit more on how the game is being developed as well as how we are going to be teaming up without favorite Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters again in Kingdom Hearts 3. Although from the looks of this none of that has happened yet in Kingdom Hearts 3 for this footage as it is a very basic fight scene with lands and enemies we have seen time and time again in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Read More...
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See What PlayStation Has To Offer At The Paris Games Week Right Here
by Duke Searles [ Tuesday, 27th of October 2015 - 01:00 PM ]
PlayStation At the sixth Paris Games Week PlayStation is having their first media briefing ever at the show to show off what we couldn't wait until the PlayStation Experience to see By the time you are reading this the first ever PlayStation media briefing at the Paris Games Week will be underway and all of the new games and hardware that Sony wants to show off for PlayStation will be starting to make their way out there. Don't fret though as it all started today (10/27) at 10 am PST so if you are closer to that time then you most likely haven't missed all too much on what has been shown off for PlayStation. Good for you and enjoy watching the press conference below. Read More...
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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Is The Title You Didn't Know You Wanted
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 15th of September 2015 - 04:59 PM ]
During the Tokyo Game Show Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 has been announced so those looking for a bridge for Kingdom Hearts 3 will have all of their prequel needs met It looks like we may have been a bit ahead of ourselves last week when we spoke of Kingdom Hearts 2.9 as during the Tokyo Game Show we just had Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 announced and on its way to the PS4. It does seem like a minor alteration to what was spoken of before but it looks like Square Enix is making sure that even more of us have the full-ish story just before Kingdom Hearts III hits shelves on the PS4 and Xbox One. Read More...
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New Details On Kingdom Hearts III & The Possible Kingdom Hearts 2.9
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 9th of September 2015 - 05:00 PM ]
A few little tidbits of Kingdom Hearts III have been 'revealed' via an ex-designer and some details on the rumored Kingdom Hearts 2.9 Depending on how you like to look at your LinkedIn "leaks" we may have a few new bits for Kingdom Hearts III as well as the rumored Kingdom Hearts 2.9 that was once seen and then vanished from existence. Yes, it looks like someone over at Square Enix has updated their LinkedIn profile and let slip what they happened to have worked on for Kingdom Hearts III and mentioned they worked on Kingdom Hearts 2.9. Read More...
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This Week In Video Games 8/17/15 â 8/21/15
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 21st of August 2015 - 07:03 PM ]
A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here's A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games Another week in video games down and many, many more to go. Even if this week was a bit on the roller coaster ride that we usually use to describe weeks that occur before major conventions. PAX Prime is coming up so I am sure that all of the other big announcements and reveals will happen then. That's not saying we didn't have some great stuff for Until Dawn, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Mad Max this week. Hells, we also had one of the best announcements for Kingdom Heart III with Big Hero 6 getting its time in the sun when that game finally hits the market. Read More...
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Kingdom Hearts III Is Going To Take Us To San Fransokyo
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 18th of August 2015 - 05:00 PM ]
During the D23 expo it was announced that Kingdom Hearts III will be getting a land based on Big Hero 6 as well as the cast of characters to mix into the Kingdom Hearts universe If you have been holding out for some huge news for Kingdom Hearts III out of D23 then you are kind of in luck as we have some new news. Nothing in way of new gameplay or new features that Disney is going to have to share but it looks like we have another world to add to the announcement of Tangled. In this case it looks like Big Hero 6 is breaking its way into world of Kingdom Hearts and adding to the growing list. Read More...
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Watch Square Enix's 2015 E3 Press Conference Right Here
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 16th of June 2015 - 01:00 PM ]
Can't Be At E3 2015 Or The Square Enix Press Conference? We Have You Covered With The Live Stream Below One down for today and now we are on to the second press event for E3 day one with Square Enix and what they have to show. I'm kind of at a loss given the world premiere videos that were shown already from the Square Enix catalog. Maybe they will dig more into the Final Fantasy VII Remake video and information but doubtful. Maybe we will see a surprise for Kingdom Hearts 3 here or a new Chrono Trigger title. Read More...
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Watch PlayStation's 2015 E3 Press Conference Right Here
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 15th of June 2015 - 09:13 PM ]
Can't Be At E3 2015 Or The PlayStation Press Conference? We Have You Covered With The Live Stream Below He we go for the wrap of the day's press events at E3 with PlayStation's big showcasing. Always going last in the list of things and trying to save the best for last to take on the rivals and have something to show that hasn't been shown at any of the other events thus far. Maybe we will hear that PlayStation 4 will be fully backwards compatible just as the Xbox One was announced. That would be a huge kicker outside of seeing Uncharted 4 in action as well as most likely seeing something for Final Fantasy XV and/or Kingdom Hearts 3. Read More...
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