This Week In Video Games 6/29/15 â 7/3/15

Now that we are all caught up on our huge week of video game news it is time to start flowing back into the norm until the next big video game convention happens. Or event. Or damn near any kind of information flood in the world of video games that may be on the brink. That doesn't mean we didn't have much for this week as we had two reviews, Hatred and Fallout Shelter, and all kinds of news and rumors for Rise Of The Tomb Raider, The Division, and Batman: Arkham Knight. Our official review for the last title there is on the way so rest assured we will dig in when it is a bit fare to dictate if you should make the purchase at all or still leave the game on the store shelf.

Next week marks this year's International Comic Con out in San Diego and we will have boots on the show floor to cover the video games that will be out there. Yes, there are plenty of video games and new looks we didn't get to see at E3 out here at SDCC. Hopefully this will help us get our coverage completely rounded in our love of video games here. This is outside of all the fun and amazing experiences that will be going on out there. We'll cover that to so you can live virtually through us and experience all of those things that help sell video games out there. Do keep an eye out as we will try to live update as well as update the site.

Until then enjoy all of those video games that are out now as well as all the coverage we had for the video games we are all looking forward to. We have the normal list just below. Enjoy and happy gaming until next week all!

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