Two More Heavy Armored Characters For Overwatch Shown Off For You

Being that it is the calm before the storm of E3 I guess it is nice that we have two more characters to look at for Overwatch here. Not only that but I think Blizzard planned well as it is both of the tank looking characters for the game as most of us are going to need to be as beefy as Pharah and Reinhardt look in Overwatch while traversing the show floor for E3. All joking aside there though let us get back to the fact that we have loads more gameplay here to look at and pick through for Overwatch. While it is all "alpha" gameplay I have a feeling that we are going to be getting that beta for the game here in short order after all of the characters are shown off in their glory.

So first up we have Overwatch's Pharah. She looks like half space marine and half pharaoh's daughter who happens to be packing a rocket launcher of sorts. I made a joke last time about the sheer amount of kills in the killstreak for the dwarf but Pharah kills it even more here. Pun intended. Wait…pun not intended. She looks to be an absolute killing machine here. Be it here player or the fact that she has the movement and the gear in Overwatch to take down many players really quick while taking the hits; she still is the heaviest of the heavy hitters to date in my opinion. This goes above the next character that looks like he would trounce Pharah in kills in Overwatch.

Have a look at what Pharah has to offer us all in Overwatch.

Overwatch — Pharah Gameplay

Absolutely killer there. Next up we have a look at Reinhardt from Overwatch. This is the guy who looks part World Of Warcraft paladin and part Final Fantasy summon creature with a huge hammer. I find it odd that he gets brought down so easily here in this game even with the heavy armor and the shield that is deployed constantly in the match. It's almost like he looks like he could take a hit but truly can't and is only there to die for all of the other players out there. Granted with an attack that can easily take down multiple opponents I guess that would be the tradeoff here in Overwatch's odd paladin. I think Reinhardt here is still the first character I've seen who needs gameplay tweaks though.

Have a look for yourself so you can see what I am talking about. Even if you don't agree you are getting more Overwatch gameplay to kill some time with. Double bonus.

Overwatch — Reinhardt Gameplay

So what do you think of these two new characters being shown off for Overwatch? Do they both look like they should be heavier than they actually are? How about Reinhardt? Doesn't he seem to have a weird risk reward structure for his abilities? Do you think they are just right? Let's hear it all down in the comments and discuss as there are only a few more Overwatch characters to see in action. You best believe that we will have all of that here so keep it locked into the site so you don't miss a thing that we have from Blizzard for Overwatch.