How Will You Customize Sebastian In The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2

New details on The Evil Within 2's customization options have been given and it looks like The Evil Within 2 will play more how we all want and not on rails

If you were hoping that The Evil Within 2 was going to be exactly like the last version of the game where you were directed down very specific paths to get through all of the horror out there, then you'll be glad to know that can still be an option for you. If that kind of game isn't for you, then you'll be happy too as it looks like Tango Gameworks has crafted the game with you in mind as well as it will be more open for exploration and have upgrades and crafting mixed in to give you an action-horror if that is your jam. Hells, it even sounds like The Evil Within 2 can be all psychological and terror filled for those who want that when Bethesda brings it to market on October 13th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. All just to add a bit more fear into your world or not. You get to choose.

Of course, upgrades are not something completely new for The Evil Within 2 here, but it does sound like the team has taken a bit more time to get the risk/reward set up better here. We will still be using the Green Gel that is scattered across the world, but if we can hold out and survive some of the hellscape here we can get a few of the better ones to help offset some of the difficulty. This also includes an ability that will help us cause more damage or one that will give us the ability to run away just a bit longer. Something that gamers have been asking for in The Evil Within 2 given the limitations we had in the last title. Not only all of that, but also a lot of new things mixed in just for the stealth system too if that is how you like to play these kinds of games. They are aiming for a "play as you want" thing here.

Also, and not surprising, in The Evil Within 2 ammo and other gear will be scarce in the world to kind of force that whole survival aspect of the game. For those who don't like that challenge though, there will be a crafting system that can be employed so you can gather raw materials and craft more ammo for your chosen weapon or make sure you have more than enough health to survive the next big onslaught you may run into. Pretty much a normal crafting system, but something added in for those who don't want to have to hunt for specific ammo in the world but are down to search out crafting gear instead. I have a feeling that the crafting items will be a bit more abundant, but I guess we will see here in a few months to see for certain.

The Evil Within 2 — Who Is Your Sebastian?

In The Evil Within 2, you can carefully plan your every move. And all the while, you’ll have special customization options for both Sebastian and your gear that will help you play the way you want on your mission to save your daughter. With larger areas and a heavier emphasis on player choice, you’ll have even more options to choose how you’ll survive when you descend into the nightmare.

Upgrades for Sebastian include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Health — Dropping some Green Gel in the Health tree will give you the chance to survive an attack that might have otherwise killed you. This is also how you increase Sebastian’s Life Gauge.
  • Stealth — In addition to an increased movement speed while crouching, the Stealth tree can allow you to perform Sneak Kills from around a corner while in cover.
  • Combat — If you’re building a more rough-and-tumble Sebastian, the Combat tree will help you increase the damage of your melee attacks and decrease the kickback when firing weapons, among other upgrades.
  • Recovery — The Recovery tree is for players who know how tough surviving this nightmare is going to be for Sebastian. Upgrades here include an increased health recovery speed when regenerating from near-death status, and the chance to automatically use a Medical Syringe when taking fatal damage.
  • Athleticism — For the Sebastian on the go, the Athleticism upgrade options will let you increase your Stamina Gauge and give you a chance to auto-avoid certain types of incoming attacks.

I get the idea behind adding and improving on these aspects for The Evil Within 2 and what Tango Gameworks is going for, but I do hope that they have placed in options to turn some of these features off for gamers if they want. If they are always on, then it isn't really a choice of how you want to play and experience the game as these are just features to be exploited. While I have a feeling that they will be always one, I would love to see a starting option where you select what kind of experience you want with The Evil Within 2 and then the crafting system and specific upgrades are turned off or on and then you play through with what you have set. That would be the real way to offer a "play as you want" style for this horror game and not just let it be a high-action game where players can "opt into" the horror at their leisure.

What do you think about all of these features here for The Evil Within 2 as they stand? Do you think that they will be the best way to allow gamers all of the options of gameplay or will they just be seen as features to always be used and just how the game is? Do you think that we could see a form of turning off some of these things to force certain aspects and then keep that as the game all the way through? Let us and the world know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on The Evil Within 2 though, be sure to keep checking in here. We'll bring it all to you with our own little spin on it so you can try to think outside of the box as well.