Watch The Big Call Of Duty: WWII Gameplay Reveal Right Here

Call Of Duty

The huge Call Of Duty: WWII reveal is finally here. We have you covered with the live stream of the Call Of Duty event

The day is here and the time is now for the huge Call Of Duty: WWII reveal that we've all been promised. There have been a few minor "leaks" on things already but nothing too huge for what Sledgehammer Games has put together for us in this new installment of the game. We all know that Call Of Duty: WWII is poised to take us back to the roots of the franchise and it has been a welcomed idea so far since Activision put the teaser out there. None the less, and leaks aside, we still don't know much about this title outside of the given content that comes with every version of the game. Hopefully this will give us all the details we need to keep us going.

Of course, there is going to be a multiplayer aspect in Call Of Duty: WWII unless the team went in a vastly different direction with it all. I'm also going to guess that they didn't try and go the same path as Battlefield 1 just took in terms of character death and mission design even though they also tried to go back into the "roots" of the IP too. I'm also going to guess that we are going to be getting another weird addition to the Zombies portion of Call Of Duty here but with a feel much like we had in the weird flashback scenes we had in Advanced Warfare. It would make a bit of sense.

None the less, let's watch they have in store for us for Call Of Duty: WWII now. The live stream is below for those joining us on April 26th at 10 am PST. For those joining us well after that time we will have the archived stream here at a later time so you don't miss out on a single thing. Not like we would be skipping over any of the Call Of Duty: WWII news as we head toward the final release date that we will hopefully have in the announcements today. Let us watch now.

Call Of Duty: WWII — Gameplay Live Stream