Oh, The Things That We Can Recycle In Prey


A new trailer for Prey has been released to celebrate Earth Day but it also shows everything in Prey that we should be able to recycle and then some

This may not be the biggest update for Prey that we may have had in a while, nor is this really a solid update when all is said and done. If you take a moment though to look at how Arkane Studios helped to celebrate Earth Day this year, you may be able to see some interesting things mixed in. Specifically because this fun video for Prey is all about the items and objects around Talos I that we should be able to recycle and turn into other useful things on the ship. If you look even closer, it looks like there may be a few things outside of the ship that we should be able to recycle but we'll get to that in a moment and then hopefully see it all on May 5th when it launches on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

While it may not be 100% of everything in Prey that can be recycled for our needs, it does look like there is a lot more out there to be broken down than we knew before. Yes, we all have seen the dead bodies, the Typhon, and numerous other items on the ship being destroyed or sucked into a black hole, but if it is to be believed here, we may be able to go to some rather large things. Like planet size things. Or at least some facsimile of a planet in Prey all for our enjoyment. Now if only the items that can be crafted from these items could be made into similarly large things to be used. Maybe…

Prey — Recycle Everything

Earth Day might be all about our planet… but that won’t stop us from celebrating while aboard Talos I. In honor of the global holiday, we took a moment to tidy up our orbiting space station, recycling anything and everything we could find, then using the handy Recycler Charge to clean up some more. From trash to treasures to Typhon aliens, we’re going green in the most awesome way imaginable.

Where are your levels of excitement for Prey as it all stands right now? Do you think that we will be able to recycle every different size of item we can find on the ship or did we see some exaggerations here? What do you think we will be able to craft on the other extreme of things in the game? Let us know your thoughts on it all and then discuss down in the comments. For more on Prey and all of its fun until launch, be sure to stay here on the site as we'll keep all the news and updates flowing as we get them. Don't miss out on it at all.