Let's Dive Into Some Great Combat For The Surge

The Surge

We have more gameplay for The Surge and this also gives us all some more of the combat for The Surge just a bit before the game's launch

Here we go with more combat for The Surge to get us all ready for its release on May 16th. This is something we've seen a whole lot of over the last few months and weeks as Deck 13 has been showcasing one of the bigger features in the limb severing system they have in the game to make everything insanely deadly. That is at least one of the goals here for The Surge and hopefully it will make more sense when we get the game in our hands as I am still a bit confused on if it is a targeting system or just the luck of the draw kind of system based on where you hit. I'm going to bank on the latter here for now based on what we have here.

Have yet another look at The Surge's combat in the game and the various different beings we will be beating up and killing in the game. It will be a mixture of both killer robots and crazed humans that have fused to some exo-suits so it will need to be completely on point for it to function and play very well. We will see…

The Surge — Combat Trailer

Positioning and speed are vital, so make use of your exo-enhanced dodges, blocks, ducks and jumps to avoid attacks while managing stamina, ensuring you’re always in the right place to strike the limb you want, or to avoid a potentially damning blow. The rules of combat apply to both you, and your enemy : get hit in an unarmored limb, and you’ll go down faster. Take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses while balancing your own, and you’ll walk away with his strengths.

Thankfully, this video for The Surge does give us a better feel for how said system is going to work in the end of it all. It is still a bit fuzzy to me what Deck 13 is going for, but as you watch the characters on both side move around and position, it starts to become apparent how we can target limbs in the game. It doesn't look like it will be a select a point and cut kind of system but if you go for an unarmored portion attack you can remove said limb or just do massive damage. Pretty much the way combat should be assumed, but with a few extra perks on top of it all. I just hope there will be a solid tutorial at the start of the game so this becomes something in The Surge we can master without too much trial and error.

What do you think about the combat in The Surge now that we've had even more to look at for it? Does it all make better sense here or are you still scratching your head a bit at it? Do you think that it will be a focus of a tutorial in the game or will we be left to figure it all out as we go? Tell us what you are thinking and then discuss down in the comments. For more on The Surge as we head to the release date, be sure to keep your eyes glued here on the site. We'll have everything that we can for the game and you won't want to miss out.