Injustice 2 Is Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag Now

Injustice 2

A new look at Injustice 2's Catwoman is here for us all and we get to see how she uses her pets in Injustice 2 to fight dirty

Over the weekend there was a fun Injustice 2 April Fools joke of the Wonder Twins being added into the game. So far it has been confirmed that this is a joke from NetherRealm Studios but I wouldn't put it past them for future DLC. That of course is not why we are here though. I'm going to venture a guess that Injustice 2 will have another character shown off this week but as of right now it is time to dig deeper into one that has been part of the roster for a while. This time it is all for Catwoman and to see just how she will be leaping back into action and taking everyone down with her trusted cats… I almost couldn't write that but there you have it.

As is to be expected, Catwoman looks to be another fast and agile character for Injustice 2; which make perfect sense. It also looks like once she gets a good combo set up that there is almost no stopping it until she is said and done with it all. Of course that is all based on what we have here for the little trailer, but given how other Injustice 2 character breakdowns have looked, this is one that shows her in an amazing light and not something that was forced. Catwoman totally looks fluid on the offensive here. Have a look for yourself though.

Injustice 2 — Introducing Catwoman!


Consistently walking the line between hero and villain, Selina Kyle's pilfering past as Catwoman prevents Batman from ever placing his full trust in her. As the ashes of the Regime give rise to the sinister Society, the Caped Crusader must once again speculate where this thieving feline's loyalties lie.

I am a bit bothered by her super move here though. I know that it has to be something rough to think up and so far Injustice 2 has had some great ones, but it seems off to have her's focused on a motorcycle more than anything. I know she uses them in the comics, films, etc. but it feels more or less lazy on NetherRealm Studios' side to do that here when they could have gone further with the cat theme. Maybe they didn't want to take away from Cheetah, but it just feels like the easy way out. It's only one move though so it is forgivable. Now I'm just a bit more curious to see if the Gotham City Sirens will be a thing in Injustice 2's story or just a fan-service line and nothing more.

What are your thoughts on Catwoman here in Injustice 2 now? Does she look to be one of the most agile characters shown off so far are was it a bit hard to follow with all the black on black combat here? Do you think that the play-down of the cat aspect here is based on Cheetah being in the game too or is there something I am missing here? Let us know down in the comments and discuss. Injustice 2 is still slated for a May 16th release and we have many more characters and mechanics to learn about. Be sure to stay right here on the site so you can see and learn about it all as we get closer.