Injustice 2 Shows Us The Bad, The Worse, & The Fear Now

Injustice 2

A new Injustice 2 video shows off some of the villains already announced for Injustice 2 but also shows off another new villain in the mix

It's Thursday again and that seems to mean that Injustice 2 will have another character revealed or at least a showcasing of a few characters that have already been revealed. Today though, it looks like NetherRealm Studios has doubled down on all of that and has given a showing of some already announced characters in the roster but also show off one that has yet to be shown; but was on that rumored list for so long. It's time to have a look at Grodd, Bane, Captain Cold, and the latest villain to join the rouge's gallery for Injustice 2; Scarecrow. I knew it was only a short matter of time for that one given the mobile "leak" of his appearance.

Yes, the master of fears here will be in Injustice 2 and from the looks of it he has taken on a more monstrous form than many of the other times we've seen him in all other forms of media. I'm not going to complain as he really needed something to make him stand out in the already amazing roster for Injustice 2; that and the addition of sickles on chains looks to bring him closer to a Scorpion kind of character. Maybe that's just my takeaway here given the small amount of screen time that Scarecrow had. None the less, that is how it looks like he will be fighting only with a few less ninja-like teleportation and fluidity. It would have been a letdown to see him just be a clone there.

As for the others we have yet to see for Injustice 2, Bane looks like he is channeling a bit of Zangief here. Maybe that is due to the wrestling background both characters have, but that is how it looks for now. Captain Cold on the other hand could have been a Sub Zero knock-off of a character, but it looks like NetherRealm Studios has gone out of the way to make sure that wasn't the case. Maybe that's because he is the rumored MK to Injustice 2 crossover character, or that was how many people expected it to go based on the Ice and Cold moves. All I know is that I am completely digging the Ice Wall that he is able to make and kick at opponents and that they didn't get Wentworth Miller to voice him. That guy's voice just hurts my ears.

Injustice 2 — It's Good To Be Bad

Captain Cold

Sworn to ending all crime, the Regime hunted down and brutally executed every member of the Rogues, including Captain Cold’s sister. Using his skills as a thief and his iconic Cold Gun, Cold now seeks his vengeance. He’ll gladly use the Society to achieve it.


Scarecrow plays on the fears of the unknown to inflict terror on his victims. An anarchist obsessed with using chemistry and psychology to spread and study fear. He joins the Society in order to sow panic on a global scale.


After Superman’s defeat, Bane was betrayed by the Regime and relentlessly pursued by Batman. Having already spent most of his life in prison, he is determined to take revenge against his former Regime masters and turn Gotham into a city where his rule is law.

Gorilla Grodd

Telepathic brute, Gorilla Grodd, has long sought to prove his peerless genius by subjugating mankind. He’s gone so far as to form an anti-Justice League, the Society, to once and for all smash their opposition. Using his intellect and telepathy Grodd enlists others in his mission to conquer the planet and fill void of power left by Superman’s Regime.

What do you think about Scarecrow as his stands for now in Injustice 2? Do you also agree that Bane looks to have a lot of the same moves and style as Zangief or does this video only showcase the basics that make up the similar look? What other characters do you expect to see join the roster now that the "leak sheet" has all but come 100% true? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Injustice 2 and all of its characters, keep your eyes glued to the site here. We are fast approaching May 16th and I am sure we are going to be seeing the best for last. Don't miss out on any of that.