Injustice 2 Is Set Ablaze As Firestorm Has Now Been Confirmed On The Roster

Injustice 2

Another new character for Injustice 2 has been announced and it looks like Firestorm will be joining in on the Injustice 2 fight at launch now

Another week and yet another Injustice 2 character getting announced and added into the fight. This time we have Firestorm getting the confirmation and shown off here. Mark another off the "leaked" list of characters that NetherRealm Studios is bringing to us in Injustice 2 here on May 16th. This leaves only four more on said list to be shown off and then the others that have not been mentioned thus far, but for now we will focus on Firestorm and the little bit of gameplay that we have to see for the character.

Unlike all of the other character reveals for Injustice 2 it looks like this one is being handled a bit differently. This time it is all placed in the hands of YouTubers UpUpDownDown and thus we get to see the character played instead of just canned footage. Sadly, this means that we only get to see the basic fireball attack that Firestorm has, a throw, and part of his super move. Thankfully though it looks like Firestorm works a lot like Dr. Fate in a few ways as we've already seen in Injustice 2 so we can take that until we get a proper showing and breakdown of the character. Hopefully that will be soon.

There is a bit of a description on how his character ability functions during the match besides what was mentioned above. It looks like he will have the ability to burn hotter for a short while, assuming extra damage, as his character power meter fills up. Pretty basic here for an Injustice 2 character, but then again there could be more as this is all we are able to see thus far and also hear from the few guys from NetherRealm Studios try to explain. Below is the short segment so you can see the character in action but if you want to see it all, including a short interview with Ed Boon, then you can expand the video out even more.

Injustice 2 — Firestorm Character Reveal

Austin Creed and the gang consisting of Kofi Kingston, Bayley and Sasha Banks got to visit NetherRealm Studios and had a hands on, first look at the all-new Injustice 2 with a brand-new character! Who will be revealed as part of the game's roster?!

Was Firestorm one of the characters you were hoping for in Injustice 2 or is it a pleasant surprise for us all? Do you agree that it looks like his character power is nothing more than a damage amplifier or will it have a few other things mixed in that we didn't see? What other characters are you still waiting for to get a full announcement here? Take your thoughts and discussion down to the comments and let them flow. We still have plenty more for Injustice 2 to come and when it does we will have it here for you. Keep locked into the site here so you can keep up with it all no matter the form it comes in.