Injustice 2 Gets Mystical As Dr. Fate Has Officially Joined In

Injustice 2

Another new character for Injustice 2 has been revealed as well as a little more on Injustice 2's gear system out of GDC 2017

Here we go with yet another heavily requested character joining the ranks of Injustice 2 as now it is official that Dr. Fate will be part of the fight. So many gamers wanted to see him back in the first Injustice but it looks like NetherRealm Studios held on to him and now has finally brought the character in. It's not like the franchise was lacking in the magical characters but here we go with one of DC's most powerful ones being tapped in. It makes me curious as to how the issues of Injustice 2 couldn't just be solved with this character alone, but then we wouldn't have a game now would we? We'll ignore all of that for now though.

You can see Dr. Fate in action just below in the new trailer for the character. More or less he looks like a pretty balanced character compared to the others that have been shown off for Injustice 2 and have looked a little sluggish for my tastes. Then again this game is all about customization in the fight so hopefully that pays off and then every character can be our main in Injustice 2 and not just the select few we normally go with. I guess we'll see the May.

Injustice 2 — Introducing Dr. Fate

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today revealed the newest addition to the Injustice 2 character roster, the powerful sorcerer Doctor Fate. Players can catch a glimpse of Doctor Fate in action in a new gameplay trailer, where his mastery of magic is on full display.

In addition to the new character for Injustice 2, there has also been a lot more discussed for the gear system that what we've had in the past. The game is being shown off out at GDC and with it fans are getting to play a more current build than before but also getting the ins and outs of the system. There will be five main areas of focus for our gear here with Head, Chest, Arms, Legs, and Accessories. Each of which modifying the stats for Strength, Ability, Defense, and Health. The first two being linked to damage output and the second two being linked to character longevity in the fight. Seems pretty straight forward there.

The Accessories we place on our characters will also be able to modify moves and actions that characters will get in Injustice 2. We've seen this before with the Harley Quinn gameplay that NetherRealm Studios gave us as it removed out one of her core moves in the game for moves she had back in the first Injustice. Apparently this will also run the gamut from things like that to Batman being able to don an entire set of gear that is his iconic kryptonite-infused armor that can only be assumed to wreak havoc on both of the kryptonians in Injustice 2 so far. Thankfully we can swap between load-outs so we won't be stuck with one great setup when not going up against those it's meant to handle.

Gaining gear in Injustice 2 will progress through normal play and winning matches. That is through both online and offline matches at that and will garner up a lot of random items in the game. Then we will be able to "purchase" Mother Boxes through in-game currency that should unlock even more potent gear along the way. Mix that in with the ability to change the colors of it all with shaders along the way and you can easily earn and unlock so many different versions of the characters out there in the DC universe. That is without the need of specific skins that have already been hinted at for Injustice 2 already beyond just the gear.

Are you glad to see Dr. Fate join the ranks in Injustice 2? What do you think about what we have for the character so far and do you agree he looks a bit more balanced than others? What is your takeaway on the gear system now that we have a few more details to work with here? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As more for Injustice 2 is revealed before and beyond May 16th, we will have it here. Keep yourself locked into the site here to make sure you are up to date on all of it.