It's Time To Gear Up For Combat With Mass Effect: Andromeda's Latest Video

Mass Effect

A new video series for Mass Effect: Andromeda has kicked off and the first one show how combat has changed in Mass Effect and how we can use it now

If you've been holding out for some new Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay to look at then your wait is now over. A new video series for the game has kicked off and starts out with BioWare giving us all the low-down on how combat will function and has been altered over the past titles. This isn't going to be the same style of combat we've been used to in other Mass Effect titles but for the most part it looks like it will run and gun just about the same. Just with all of those upgrades to the newer hardware that EA has paid the team to do. None the less this is the big kick off to learning more about the game before it launches on March 21st for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

First up it looks like Mass Effect: Andromeda will house three very distinct and different styles of firearms to be used. All of which coming from different sources but giving us some tried and true running and gunning experiences. We will have our traditional style weapons that have a high fire rate but will require ammo collection. Then we have the laser and beam weapons that don't require ammo but will over heat if used too often. Lastly we also have plasma weapons that don't have a high fire rate but can be charged up for a harder hit. Also melee weapons are mixed in here as well and look to work just about as one would assume; you swing and hit and repeat as needed until they are dead.

There also looks to be a bit more freedom of movement in Mass Effect: Andromeda when it comes to combat with some back boosters. They look like they can be linked in with some of the specific attacks in the game but also look to be able to get you out of harm's way pretty easily. More or less a dodge and dash kind of thing that is all the rage right now in our video games. The difference here in Mass Effect is that it can also be activated to have you hover as well so you can get an aerial advantage. How long that will run is not really described but I'm guessing it will have a cool-down or charging style mechanic in there somewhere. Can't have everyone hovering all over the place all the time now can we?

Mass Effect: Andromeda — Combat

Welcome to the Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay series. In this video, learn all about combat. Battle with weaponry from an alien galaxy, outmaneuver enemies with your jump-jet, and unlock the power of Biotics. In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you are on a mission to find a new home for humanity. How far will you go?

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Coming Spring 2017 to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One

The cover system looks to have been upgraded here for Mass Effect: Andromeda as now we can go into cover with what looks like anything. BioWare claims it to be seamless and it definitely looks that way here in the gameplay, but how it will truly handle in our hands still needs to be seen. That is always the issue with these amazing videos run by the people who made the game. They can make something look awesome but when in the hands of the public it can quickly go afoul. I guess we'll see here soon just how well the new cover system works and if it will be seen in any or all Mass Effect titles in the future.

Lastly, there is a bit of a breakdown on the specific abilities and skills we will get to use in Mass Effect: Andromeda that are not directly tied to weapons. It looks like we will have three different skill trees all with their own little extras under each. It also looks like we will have to choose carefully how we want to upgrade them as activating one bonus node can lock out others along the way. This of course mixes into playing Mass Effect: Andromeda as we want to and not down some defined path, but none the less it will require us to read and plan way ahead. Not that we wouldn't be doing that out of the gate, but here it is laid out just a bit more.

Are you ready to dive into the combat of Mass Effect: Andromeda or are you looking to the game for the other aspects yet to be seen? Will you be navigating to a specific type of weapon throughout the whole game or will you try to mix it up whenever you can? Do you think there will be a way to re-spend on our skill trees if we find that a specific perk or power doesn't fit our style? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. As we get more on Mass Effect: Andromeda out of EA we will have it here for you. Be sure to keep checking in on the site to ensure you have seen and read everything as we head into the game's launch.