Prey Gets A Nice Long Bit Of Gameplay To Spoil The Opening Of The Game


The first hour of Prey has been played out there and now we have some great Prey gameplay chunks to see just how the game opens and handles

There are still many months until Prey is officially released, May 5th is still the date, but it seems that Arkane Studios couldn't hold back from giving out some sweet demo action for us all. A nice hour long section of demo for the game at that and it is filled with a whole lot of what the game is going to bring to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Well at least as much as the people over at Bethesda wanted to give out to us for Prey so far but still that means that we all get a nice look at the current state of the game and to see how it is truly holding up from the predecessor's fame. Of course this will be your first spoiler warning though just in case you haven't read into that just yet.

For those who are cool with some minor spoilers for Prey, we have a nicely clipped video here that shows off just a bit of the mechanics and areas in the first section of the game. We get to see a few of the already talked about weapons like the Gloo Gun and we get to see how it can drastically alter how the game is played depending on if you want to use it or not. Not only that, but there is also a nice look at the skill tree in Prey and just how Arkane has set up things in the level to let you feel like it was the right choice no matter what is upgraded. In this video they went with hacking and you can see how it opened up a few extra places and upgrades, but others that required strength were still blocked off but unseen.

Also, while there isn't much in the way of detail, we get to see a bit on how the crafting system will work in Prey here. As it looks, we will get to breakdown pretty much anything we can find in the game's world and "recycle" it all into usable parts for upgrading and crafting. In the demo here it looks like it is all tied back to Yu's office and it is assumed this will be our main hub in Prey but I have a feeling that this will only be one of many. The ship we will be on looks massive and it would be a waste if we were locked down to just this section of it all. At least it seems like that to me.

Prey — Gameplay Highlights

In Prey, you'll laugh at sharp dialogue, question reality, and fight for your life — all in the first 60 minutes

For those who don't give a fuck about spoilers for Prey though, we have another video showing off pretty much everything from the opening to the ending of this demo. It also shows how players will truly be able to play how they want as this user goes through with different upgrades and weapons in mind. Not only that, but as explained by Arkane Studios, the user also ignores the extra abilities of the Gloo Gun and traverse the level in a vastly different way. They also miss out on a few things from the above video due to the selected upgrade but find other things. It looks like Prey will have just as much replay value, if not more, than many of the other titles it falls in line with. Consider my hype amped up now.

Prey — Opening Hour Gameplay

What do you think of Prey after seeing two very different play throughs of the opening hour of the game? Do you think that this will be another illusion of choice title or did Bethesda get them to do it all right and the possibilities will be close to endless? Which way do you think you are going to play the game or are there still too many variable out there to truly decide at this point? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Prey and all of its gameplay, be sure to keep checking in here. We will do our damnedest to make sure that we keep you as up to date as possible. Or at least give you another of many options to do so.