Build A Brighter Future Underground As Fallout Shelter Hits Xbox One & Windows 10

Fallout Shelter

More gamers can enjoy Fallout Shelter as it has now made the jump from mobile to console & PC with all the updates that Fallout Shelter has seen to date

If you were jonesing for another way to play Fallout Shelter outside of the iOS and Android realms, then today is your day as it looks like the game is now up and running on the Xbox One and Windows PC for those who are interested in playing the game further. At least further in terms of if you already moved on to other mobile games or just Fallout 4 when it launched. None the less it looks like Bethesda has finally brought Fallout Shelter into an arena to make it easier to play on larger screens and with all of its own little achievements. Of course there is the true draw for a good portion of the fans out there as they can now rack up more Gamerscore and such now.

As it looks, this version of Fallout Shelter will bring all of what we already know and love with the mobile version of the game. It will also have the Xbox Play Anywhere feature with it so you will be able to jump from your Xbox One to your PC as you wish or find extra time to enjoy it all. Seeing as it doesn't require a stead internet connection to play in general, it will give you some Fallout fun in those places where you are remote but still have access to your PCs or laptops. We have to keep all of those gamers happy at all times and this is yet another title to do just that. Happy days.

Fallout Shelter — Xbox One And Windows 10

Fallout Shelter is about to get even bigger. Starting today, the hit free-to-play Vault-building game will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10. Now’s your chance to take on the role of an Overseer in the Fallout Wasteland. Start your own Vault from scratch and build your army of faithful Dwellers.

Discover the latest features for Fallout Shelter on and download the game today – FOR FREE! – on PC, iOS, Android devices and now Windows 10 and Xbox One!

Details are not fully out there on it, but Fallout Shelter has also been altered to use the full Xbox One controller as well. I don't imagine it will be more than just mapping it all to a mouse and/or touch system that we already have in Fallout Shelter but Bethesda did the work none the less and we should put it all to great use. Especially since it is out now and for free. Head out and pick it up why don't you?

Are you glad to see that Fallout Shelter is finally coming to the Xbox One and PC? Do you think that the fad has already run its course and this will fall into many different backlogs after being downloaded? Do you think that there will be different controls for the Xbox One controller or will it just be a point and move kind of structure? Let us know down in the comments and discuss. If there is more on Fallout Shelter or other platforms it moves to, we will have it here. Be sure to keep checking the site for all the updates for this title and many more.