Horizon Zero Dawn's World And Story Has Been Expanded Even Further Now

Horizon Zero Dawn

A new cinematic trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn has been released to show off more story for Horizon Zero Dawn as well as enemies and allies

Up until now we've pretty much seen the same bit of Horizon Zero Dawn over and over. We get Aloy running around and hunting in the same general section of the world that Guerrilla Games has put together for us and her to explore. I know I was personally getting a little tired of it and concerned for Horizon Zero Dawn as it looks like this was more or less the bread and butter of the game. Especially when we see that February 28th is quickly approaching and so little had been shown off for the game so far in terms of story, other parts of the world, and if there would be any other enemies and major NPCs for Aloy to interact with instead of the few that we've had since E3 of 2016.

Well, it looks like Guerrilla wanted to start the new year off with a great bang for us with Horizon Zero Dawn as now we have a new story trailer for the game and gods does it feel like a full and different title now. All of which in the best way possible as we get to see to over -arching plot of the game, a whole bunch of new NPCs and enemies, and a few new and terrifying machines in the mix. It also shows off why all of the machines in the world are acting the way that they are and a bit more on the religion and tribes that Horizon Zero Dawn proudly touted before but never really showed us. It is truly starting to look like the game we first heard about so long ago and now my hype levels are hitting an all-time high.

Horizon Zero Dawn — Cinematic Trailer

Who are these masked warriors, and what is the source of their power over the machines? Who will rally to Aloy’s side on the field of battle? The answers to these and other questions will be revealed on 28th February 2017, when Horizon Zero Dawn releases exclusively for PlayStation 4.

I am sure you now have your own list of things that piqued your interest in Horizon Zero Dawn from this latest trailer, but for me it really comes down to the different civilizations and their beliefs that we will get to see here. It looks like Aloy's tribe is either Matriarchy in both ruler-ship and religion or just in ruler-ship with a polytheistic religion set up. Both interesting aspects to delve into in my opinion. Then there are the other "tribes" that look to be far more advanced or sticking to some of the "older" ways of life and seeing Aloy have to be an emissary of sorts also looks like it could play out in all sorts of other great ways here. I can't believe how stoked I am for Horizon Zero Dawn based on this trailer alone now.

Enough from me though, what are your new thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn now that we see a broader world and society in shape? Do you think it will be just a lot of background stuff with no real meaning or will it be mixed in deeply to the whole experience? Do you think that we could see those masked tribes turned on by the machines once they have them up and running for their own goals? Let us know all of your thoughts now down in the comments and then discuss. As more for Horizon Zero Dawn makes its way out there, we will have it here for you. Stick around on the site to make sure you are able to keep fully informed on all of it as it comes out.