Resident Evil 7 Is Getting A Real World Experience To Bring Us More Horror

Resident Evil 7

A new event for Resident Evil 7 has been announced and will physically place people in the world of Resident Evil 7 and all of its horror

As if Resident Evil 7 wasn't already terrifying enough with just the visuals and taking away the VR experience, but it looks like things are going to get a lot scarier for those who opt to take the plunge. As it looks, Capcom is bringing a real-world version of the house from the upcoming title and having people play out some of the events in real life as well. Yes, this is more or less a Resident Evil 7 haunted house that will be coming just before the launch of the game on January 24th. That is of course if you happen to be in London at the time and willing to give it a try.

Sadly, yes, it is only an event that has been announced for London fans of the franchise and looking to get the real Resident Evil 7 experience for themselves. Those who do hop in will be brought into the experience as investigative journalist interns who are trying to find out what happened to a member of a paranormal investigatory group. Pretty much it sounds like we are trying to find out what happened to the guys from the demo that we've all been able to play already. At least hopefully has played already. Especially if you are looking to partake in this 45-minute experience for yourself.

Resident Evil 7 — The Experience Reveal Trailer

To celebrate the hotly-anticipated game release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on 24th January 2017, Capcom has today announced the opening of an immersive experience in London taking place over four days, from the 20th – 23rd January. You can see a preview of what to expect in our reveal trailer.

Following a storyline inspired by the new game, Resident Evil 7: The Experience will be a 45-minute immersive experience drawing inspiration from the cult game’s return to its survival horror roots.

Set in a haunted and dilapidated venue in the heart of London’s East End, those brave enough to enter will take on the part of investigative journalist interns helping a paranormal TV production team investigate the disappearance of their crew members who never returned from the house.

Mirroring the unsettling nature of the game, participants will be faced with a web of puzzles and clues, including a few unexpected interruptions, as they work together to overcome both visible and unseen obstacles to figure out the truth, and escape unscathed.

More or less this sounds like and Escape Room with a Resident Evil 7 theme to me but if they actually blend in all the real horror aspects that we see here or have seen in the game already, then this is going to be one amazing event. I do wish that it was coming stateside, or at least a version of it to come stateside, but I am sure that Capcom will give us plenty of videos showing off the people who think they could really survive Resident Evil 7 in this setting. I am looking forward to that; or at least a live stream of it. Of course, that is only hopeful thinking here and nothing confirmed outside of what we have above.

Would you be willing to partake in this Resident Evil 7 experience here or does it look too intense for you? Do you hope that it will come to other locations after launch even if it is only for a short run? What kind of puzzles and interruptions do you think that participants will have to deal with? Let us know down in the comments and feel free to discuss as you wish. For more on Resident Evil 7 and hopefully this event, be sure to stick right here as we'll have everything that we can get.