Watch Dogs 2 Brings Us More T-Bone With Its First DLC Pack

Watch Dogs 2

The first DLC pack for Watch Dogs 2 is out, at least for the PS4, and we can see what will be coming to Watch Dogs 2 in it and in the near future for others

I hope you are still ready for more Watch Dogs 2 as it looks like we are getting our first bit of DLC for the game and if you are playing on the PS4 version then you can have it as of right now. The Xbox One and PC crowd are going to have to wait until January 24th to get their hands on it and it that shouldn't come as any surprise as Ubisoft has been pretty forthcoming about their timed DLC partnership for the PS4 version. We can all wish that Watch Dogs 2 was an equal opportunity platform supporter but as the cash flows it is just not the case. I guess in a good way for some but not in the way for others. Hopefully you are in the lucking out crowd to be able to keep busy over the holiday break.

In this first batch of DLC though, it looks like we are getting more time with T-Bone here in Watch Dogs 2. Sorry if you haven't made it to that little reveal yet in the gameplay or all of the other videos out there, but T-Bone did make the jump from the last title to this one and now we are getting to play with some of the goodies he has to bring. That is at least in terms of getting drive around with Bertha and dress in some of his iconic clothes in the game. Nothing too flashy, although Bertha is totally on the flashy side of things so maybe I was too quick to say that. At least flashy in the sense of explosions and carnage that can be brought to the game's world.

Watch Dogs 2 — T-Bone DLC Bundle

In Watch Dogs 2's first DLC, the T-Bone Content Bundle, gain access to T-Bone's clothing, modified school bus, and more. The Bundle is out now on PS4, and will arrive January 24 on Xbox One and PC.

Included in the DLC:

  • T-Bone's (Raymond Kenney) Signature Clothes
  • T-Bone's Modified School Bus - Bertha
  • New Mayhem Co-Op Challenge
  • New Enemy Type: Grenadier

The T-Bone DLC Bundle is included in the Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass, or it can be purchased by itself.

Of course there is more than just a few skins and vehicles here in this Watch Dogs 2 DLC. There will also be a new Co-Op challenge mixed in and also a new enemy type to watch out for in the world. It does seem a little light on the content when you look at this as being paid DLC but I guess if you have the Season Pass you can't really complain. That is unless this is counted as one of the major updates coming with the Season Pass and this is just a sign of what is to come. I'm hoping that Ubisoft isn't going to do that to everyone but until we see some bigger story based DLC in the mix, we could start to get a bit nervous. At least if you shelled out the cash already.

What are your thoughts on the DLC that we have listed here for Watch Dogs 2? Are you irked by the fact you will have to wait or did you pick up the game and pass on the PS4 and will be downloading right now? Do you think this is a sign of what is to come or is this just a quick and easy bit to get out there with some real content on the way here soon? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments and discuss. For more on Watch Dogs 2 as it comes, be sure to stick right here as we'll try to keep you as updated as possible. Hopefully with more good news than bad…