Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Is Sabotaging Itself Next Year

Call Of Duty

The first batch of DLC for Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been showcased and it looks to bring Call Of Duty four more maps & new way to play Zombies

Here we go with the first details on the first batch of DLC for Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare that will be coming to us on January 31st of next year. Well at least to those players who have the game on the PS4 as Activision has still locked in that exclusive DLC first on the platform before all others. Don't let that detract you from the fun stuff that Infinity Ward has lined up for us though even though the PC and Xbox One gamers will most likely have to wait a month to get in on the same Call Of Duty fun as the rest. But I digress as the first bit of information and look at what will be coming with the Sabotage DLC is here and it brings the usual style of content but it looks a bit more mixed up than some may be used to.

In this DLC we will be getting four new multiplayer maps to play on in Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare. That's the pretty standard part of it all. I don't think that should be too shocking to most. What is really cool here though is that outside of just giving us a few new themed maps to play on, the characters and world assets are also getting a bit of flair to them based on the setting which is usually out of the norm. The biggest map to see that in action here is the Neon map which is a virtual training thing but unlike the other maps like this from Call Of Duty's past title, elements load like in a sim and characters explode into polygons when killed. It's no longer a perfect game world in the virtual space as these little touches add that extra bit of flair.

What is also interesting to see here is that not only is Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare's zombie mode getting its usual update now but it looks like there will be more changing than just the maps and a few bits of story. The cast of characters have been whisked away to a horror film location in the 90's now and it is set up to be a very dark and dreary place; at least at first. It looks a lot like an actual horror game now, up until the Rave in the Redwoods kicks up, and what is also interesting is that it looks like there are fewer zombies to worry about. This could all just be how the video was cut as Infinity Ward is focusing in on a new enemy, The Slasher, but it could be pointing in a direction that carries that a bit further. Wouldn't it be interesting to see no zombies but a lot of crazed killers instead?

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare — Sabotage DLC Pack

Rave in the Redwoods, the next thrilling chapter of the Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare zombies experience, continues the macabre narrative while transporting players into a new decade: the 1990s. Willard Wyler, the enigmatic movie director villain, returns and has trapped the protagonists inside another one of his twisted horror films. The four playable characters from the original story also return, but with fresh, over-the-top roles, as they learn more about Wyler’s evil plot while fighting all-new varieties of the undead in an abandoned, lakeside summer camp where zombie ravers have taken over and turned the grounds into a techno-fueled illusion. Rave in the Redwoods is a tense, spooky thrill ride with shocking twists, surprises, and a slew of new Easter eggs for players to discover.

In addition to the Rave in the Redwoods zombies content, Sabotage will also include four new multiplayer maps:

  • Noir — A dark, grimy city map inspired by futuristic Brooklyn at night, Noir is a classic three-lane map set against a backdrop of a dystopian future, filled with cafes and parks surrounding a brutal downtown warzone.
  • Neon — A virtual training center designed for urban warfare, Neon is a unique, digitized battle arena where cars and other structures spawn out of thin air and enemies dissolve into hundreds of pixels when defeated. Middle lane sightlines will cater to long-range players while the outsides of the map allow for quick counter-attacks in close-quarter action.
  • Renaissance — Set in Northern Italy, Renaissance pits players against each other on the narrow streets of Venice surrounded by classic architecture and buildings that promote continuous action through the canals and neighborhoods of this iconic city.
  • Dominion — A re-imagining of the classic Afghan map from Modern Warfare 2, now set on Mars, Dominion retains all the memorable landmarks and gameplay of the original, anchored by the crashed ship in the center, with a few enhancements designed to take advantage of the new movement system.

Usually I am not amped up for Call Of Duty DLC given how it normally flows out there. I've always seen it as a way for Activision to keep raking in the cash on it all well after the cycle is starting to fizzle out. The Sabotage DLC though looks like there may be some risks being taken and some deviating from the normal plan. Especially when it comes to the Zombies mode. If what I am seeing and thinking is correct then this may be some of the first Season Pass DLC I may go out of my way to experience here. Especially if it is adding more than just a few colorful maps and story bits to keep us interested. This could keep Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare going well into the next title's release; at least if it is all done well and pans out. I guess we'll see here soon…

What do you think about the first batch of DLC for Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare that we have here? Do you think it looks a lot flashier here than it really will be or do you think that true risks are being taken to revitalize the franchise again? Do you think that the Zombies DLC will keep the same rush of the undead feel to it or do you think that we will get what this gameplay footage hints at in the long run? Let us know what you are thinking and discuss it all down in the comments. For more on Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare and its DLC, be sure to stay right here as we'll keep the updates on it all coming just as they hand it all out.