Dishonored 2 Adds Even More Ways To Play In Your Own Way

Dishonored 2

The first big update for Dishonored 2 brings in a lot of fixes and new game plus to Dishonored 2 so you can choose just how the game plays out yet again

Hopefully by now you have had the chance to play and experience Dishonored 2 at least once by now. At least that is the hope for most of you from not only myself but the team over at Arkane Studios. The reason for that is the fact that the first major update for Dishonored 2 has just dropped for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game and will be bringing us all New Game+ in the mix. Of course there are many other things to come along with the update but that of course is one of the bigger additions. Well, that and a new Quick-Access Wheel for all of our abilities, skills, and the such.

Back to the bigger topic of New Game+ now in Dishonored 2, it looks like it is a bit more than just being able to play the game through again with everything you had from before. That is still the case but it looks like no matter who you select to start with, all of the powers are open and available to be selected from here. Also, you don't have to keep your runes spent in the same place from the start of things either. They will all be released and available to re-spend so you can give some of those other powers and skills a try in Dishonored 2 just in case you missed out on your first play. Bethesda really wants us coming back to all of this huh?

Game Update 1 Release Notes

New Features

  • New Game Plus mode!
  • New Quick-Access Wheel option for hiding/unhiding items

Improved Features

  • Fixed Oraculum false-kill count in Royal Conservatory
  • AI detection tweaks to clarify when players are detected or not
  • AI locomotion improvement for running
  • Fixed various Bonecharm effects (Strong Arm, Spiritual Pool, etc)
  • Fixed a problem in slow-motion where some inputs were ignored
  • Blood Thirst: various enhancement and fixes
  • Killing an NPC with their own bullet is now more reliable
  • Tweak for mana potion refill speed, depending on difficulty
  • General performance and optimization improvements
  • Fixed various game logic issues
  • Fixed various User Interface issues

Of course all of your Bone Charms will be making the way over as well and they won't be lost in Dishonored 2 again. Maybe that was a given but it needed to be defined out I guess. Of course this isn't where Arkane Studios ends things for the game though, they are working on yet another batch of gameplay updates and features to come in January. Items listed there so far will encompass Mission Selection for replay and more ways to customize the difficulty of Dishonored 2. Why all of this wasn't here in the first place kind of boggles me but at least it is all coming for free and not extra paid DLC updates. Silver linings…

Will you be jumping back into Dishonored 2 with this new update or have you already mastered the game before hand? Will you be opting to play as Emily with all of Corvo's powers or vice versa now that it is an option? What other features would you like to see come to the game outside of what has been described so far? Let us know down in the comments and feel free to discuss it all. As more on Dishonored 2 is updates and revealed, we will have it here. Be sure to stick around here as we'll keep all of those updates flowing out as Bethesda doles them out to us.