Have An Extended Look At What The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Is Bringing

The Walking Dead

A new trailer for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier has been shown off to let us all see where the new season of The Walking Dead will take us

The time is here and we finally get a good look at the latest season for The Walking Dead or A New Frontier depending on how you want to look at it. Hopefully by now you are familiar with Telltale Games' take on the beloved franchise and such but there could be some stragglers out there. None the less we are looking at December 20th to get a look at The Walking Dead: A New Frontier on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, iOS, or Android devices. Not only that but as it turns out, we'll be getting the first two episodes of the game at that time as well instead of the usual one. Oh happy holidays indeed.

During The Game Awards we were all treated to an introduction to the second half of the characters in this season of The Walking Dead. This would Javier. He looks to be dealing with all of his own issues in the end of times but our favorite Clementine is there to help out. Or at least it looks that way. Since we can make all kinds of choices in these games she could be there to hinder him while trying to get herself into a better place. She is all grown up now and obviously survived in a world that requires hard choices and sacrifice all over the place. But we won't truly know until we spin the game up for the first time and see how everything plays out for us.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier — Extended First Look

In this first look at 'The Walking Dead: A New Frontier', we meet Javier. We witness how the beginning of the zombie plague affected him and his family before we move forward in time to years later, where he encounters a very familiar face…

It does look like The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is going to be made accessible to all who have either played the past two seasons already and those who will be taking the dip this time around. I was always curious on how Telltale Games was going to solve the major branching issues from before and it looks like it could be that we get to "choose" all of that out of the gate here. At least the option will be there for new players and it makes sense that they would keep some of the choices from before here for long-time fans while making them choose which branch they would have taken to make sure this story in The Walking Dead lore keeps true.

That is at least how I am reading things here for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier as it makes the most sense. Of course since it is Telltale there could be something else in the works for those who have past game saves and want to keep going from where they left off, but that would be one huge nightmare to have to plan around. I guess we'll see here soon as we'll most likely get another huge update just before launch. If not, then at least we don't have too long to wait to see just what they have planned for us with the game and story. I just hope that we don't have to wait until February 14th for the third episode as that is when the physical version of the game is released and those usually are around when an episode comes out.

Have you played The Walking Dead in the past and see this as being the option to keep your old saves and not break Telltale's brains? Do you think that Clementine might be taking more of a supporting role in this game or will she be the star still? Do you think that they will make the same mistake with the same branching endings or will they have perfected that so it is no longer an issue? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and discuss. For more on The Walking Dead: A New Frontier as it comes, be sure to stay right here as we'll keep all of the updates flowing out there as quick as we can.