The Machines Of Horizon Zero Dawn Are Ever Evolving It Seems

Horizon Zero Dawn

A new behind the scenes video for Horizon Zero Dawn is out there to show off more of Horizon Zero Dawn's machines and ecology

February 28th is still a ways off for Horizon Zero Dawn to hit the PS4 but it looks like things are still evolving and changing for the game as it continues to be developed. Of course this isn't anything new to the development process but it does look like Guerrilla Games is continuing the evolution of their machines in the game just as nature intended. At least the nature of Horizon Zero Dawn as it looks in the following behind the scenes look at the game where the team goes into detail on how each of the machines has changed over the course of the cycle here.

That does seem like a long way to get to the point here for Horizon Zero Dawn but it had to be taken. None the less, we do have a look at the process that has been taken to use real-world animals and creatures to inspire some of the movements, looks, and attacks of the machines in the game. All of which were developed in a way to make sure we all knew the inspirations right out the gate so we could see and react the way we would think would work in the real world. Like the Shellwalkers and their look of being a crab-like thing. Or the Bullheads that we can mount and so on.

You can see it all in motion just below. Not only that but we also get a small look at yet another machine in Horizon Zero Dawn that looks to react and move like a crocodile in the game. I think it's been spotted in other videos in the past but here we get to see and hear more on it. Yet another reason to stay out of the water in Horizon Zero Dawn. Awesome.

Horizon Zero Dawn — Evolution Of The Machines

With every glimpse of the far-future world of Horizon Zero Dawn that we’re given, the version of Earth that Guerrilla Games is busily creating becomes ever more intriguing. It’s a world where human evolution has been thrown back into a pre-historic era, while simultaneously thrust into a distant future where humans are no longer the dominant species.

Instead, a society of machines has risen up, at once both terrifyingly alien and strikingly familiar, mixing robotic, mechanized power with recognizably natural, organic animal features.

Do you have any further thoughts on the machines of Horizon Zero Dawn here or do you just want to be able to play the game now? What other machines do you think we are going to see in the game as it progresses? Do you think we've seen the most common ones already or will there be something we have yet to see be more common? Let us know your thoughts on it all and discuss in the comments below. As more on Horizon Zero Dawn is revealed we will have it here. Be sure to stick around the site so you can keep completely up to date on it all.