World Of Final Fantasy's Gameplay Looks As Awesome As The Characters Involved

Final Fantasy

New gameplay for World Of Final Fantasy has been placed out in the wild for us as well as some break downs on World Of Final Fantasy's combat/collection system

We had our first taste of World Of Final Fantasy during E3 and it was really only in the form of a trailer that Square Enix had for us during the event. That and a little bit that they had on the show floor but it didn't really give us much to go on outside of it was coming and the art style. Now we fast forward almost a month since we first heard of World Of Final Fantasy and now we have some solid gameplay to show off. That and now we get to see how the combat system and "monster hunting" system will be working when the game finally launches in our homes.

Thanks to our friends over at PlayStation Access we have a nice nine-minute bit of gameplay for World Of Final Fantasy. In it we get to see that the combat has gone back to a very Final Fantasy X feel on things with what is being called a stacking system. The stacking system being how you bring in some of the monsters and creatures you have collected into battle. They don't fully fight for you directly, at least not all of them, but some that are stacked will give you access to new abilities and skills during the fight. Thus making the Libra skill almost invaluable in the game as it is needed to know how to capture creatures.

In other games the capturing of creatures in game usually forces you to get their HP low enough that you can throw out your prison skill and collect them. Here in World Of Final Fantasy it looks just about the same although some monsters just need to be alone or the last on the field. you can of course see that in action in the below video as it is all shown off. Kind of a cool little features and something to bring a nice mix into the franchise and for gamers looking for more than just something "cute" to play. That was what I first thought when I saw World Of Final Fantasy announced.

We also get a nice look at the "summons" for World Of Final Fantasy here. As it looks this will be how some of the heroes from the other games will be brought into the game and called upon. Here we have Tidus called in to attack and do some massive damage using the limit break we all grew to love in Final Fantasy X. There is no word on others yet but I have a feeling that World Of Final Fantasy will have most of the famous and iconic characters from the many other games in the franchise. That should be a safe guess.

World Of Final Fantasy — Gameplay

Does the combat for World Of Final Fantasy look to be what you were expecting or a pleasant surprise given all of the active combat we've had recently? Do you think that all of the major characters will be used as summons or only title characters, so to say? Do you think the stacking system will be more of a bog down than a helpful one? Let us know in the comments and discuss. For more on World Of Final Fantasy as it comes be sure to stick around on the site here. We'll have everything that we can up on the site as soon as we get it.