Horizon Zero Dawn Has Been Delayed But There's A New Trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn

The release date for Horizon Zero Dawn has been reset and we also have a new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn's protagonist Aloy

The wait for Horizon Zero Dawn just became a bit longer as it looks like the game has been pushed back to February 28th of 2017. The PS4 title made a huge splash at last year's E3 and it looks like Guerrilla Games is going to do it again to make sure we don't lose faith in the title. We're just going to have to wait longer for Horizon Zero Dawn and that should be fine for all of us. It's not like we don't have a slew of other titles out there to hold us over until its new release date and such.

To slightly make up for said delay it looks like we have a nice long trailer showing off some of the fun and quirks of Horizon Zero Dawn's protagonist Aloy as well as how the game has progressed so far in its cycle. There looks to be a lot of recycled footage here but there is quite a bit that most of the general populace has yet to see for the game. In fact I'll be quiet now and let you dig right into the latest trailer for the game as we wait for more gameplay footage out of next week's huge event. There has to be something else coming right?

Horizon Zero Dawn — Aloy's Journey

In addition to the above new trailer it looks like we also have the announcement of the collector's edition for Horizon Zero Dawn to go right along with it all. All of the specifics are just below but it is pretty much your standard CE for a video game with "exclusive" DLC and a nice little statue of the game's protagonist. Of course some of what is mentioned won't make much more sense until we get a better understanding of the game's world but it has been listed as well so we can get hyped once we see it all in action.

Horizon Zero Dawn — Collector's Edition
  • 9" Aloy Statue
  • Steelbook Case
  • 'The Art Of Horison Zero Dawn' Art Book
  • PS4 Theme
  • Carja Storm Ranger Outfit & Mighty Bow
  • Banuk Storm Ranger Outfit & Mighty Bow
  • Banuk Traveller Pack
  • Carja Trader Pack
  • Nora Keeper Pack

How do you feel about the delay of Horizon Zero Dawn? Do you like the main character more now that we've had a specific trailer just for here? Do you think this is just a plain CE or does it blow your mind for some reason? We want to know and you can tell us your thoughts down in the comments. I am certain we will have a lot more on Horizon Zero Dawn coming in short order and we will be here to bring it all to you. Be sure to stick around right here as we will bring you the latest and greatest on this game and many others.