Here's The Other Side Of Homefront: The Revolution's Story


Another trailer for Homefront: The Revolution has been released and this one expands a bit further on Homefront's story but from a different point of view of sorts

We are only mere days away from Homefront: The Revolution hitting our PS4, Xbox One, or PC and the hype train is still rolling. With that comes another story trailer that Dambuster Studios has put together for us to show off another side of the conflict. Not in terms of seeing what the "enemies" are thinking and doing, while that would be interesting, but more along the lines of how the "Voice Of Freedom" in Homefront is being perceived. I guess this looks to be a bit like the "Hearts & Minds" thing that Deep Silver gave us a while back.

In the past we've seen more story trailers for Homefront that looked to explain the world more than some of the power players in the world. Now we get to see said players take the center screen and show if they are helping or hindering when it comes to how freedom will be handled or handed back. Hence "the other side" mention above. It does look like there is a lot packed into this 30 hour game here and I can't wait to see everything it has to offer. I do wonder if these kinds of cut-scenes change with the public sway though or it they are all truly set pieces.

Homefront: The Revolution — Story Trailer

To go along with the new story trailer here for Homefront: The Revolution it also looks like there is a new mobile app for us to download too. Currently it looks like it is only a little news link in and an addition to the viral marketing campaign still going on but just logging in does unlock some new gear in Homefront once you spin it up so there is that extra bonus. I'm guessing that will carry on for a while too so it may be worth your time to download as we wait until May 17th for the game to finally launch.

What are your thoughts on the new bit of story for Homefront: The Revolution here? Do you see a different game here than we've been shown thus far in terms of story? Do you think that the scenes could change based on the "Hearts & Minds" mechanic built into the game? Let us know what you are thinking and discuss it all in the comments below. For more on Homefront and how it evolves before and after its launch, be sure to stay right here as we will keep bringing you all of the updates that we can smuggles out.