Outlast 2 Brings Us The Most Terrifying Corn-Maze Ever

Outlast 2

The first bit of gameplay for Outlast 2 has been released out of PAX East and Outlast 2 looks to bring more fear than the last one

The wait is over and the date is here so we have our first Outlast 2 gameplay video fresh out of PAX East. Just in case you forgot this was something that Red Barrels teased a few weeks ago with a very cryptic video that spoke of April 22nd as being a date of importance. That importance being the first gameplay demo of Outlast 2 and it takes us through a scary run for our lives through a corn field in some part of the country. It's like Redneck Rampage without the humor and more terror.

If there is something to see besides just the improved graphics and theme of Outlast 2, it looks like they are keeping the same general gameplay mechanics of running and using the night vision camera. Of course the HUD has been given an update and the camera can take higher quality video but that should be expected with the rest of the improvements. At least that means less grainy filters being used when hiding out; at least if you ignore the fact that the rest of the area is all clouded in darkness.

I am a bit curious on how the breathing mechanics in Outlast 2 will work. When you watch the following video there is a portion of the demo where the character goes under water to hide out and doesn't seem to loose breath at all. Maybe I just didn't see something that showed us on the verge of death or the main PC of Outlast 2 has the lung power of a professional swimmer. This could also just be for the demo so I guess we'll find out as we get closer to the Halloween season when the game is still slated to launch.

Outlast 2 — Official Gameplay

What do you think of the first gameplay of Outlast 2 here? Does the breathing thing not sit well with you as well or does it make sense? Could you feel the same terror and fear that you felt in the original game or did you need more to get all of that? Let us know in the comments below and discuss away as you feel. For more on Outlast 2 and all of its terror be sure to stay right here on the site as we will bring you everything as we get it. Hopefully more out of PAX East but I'm guessing the wait will be longer.