Change The Hearts & Minds Of Homefront: The Revolution's Populous


Another trailer for Homefront: The Revolution has been released and this time we get a better look at Homefront's Hearts And Minds mechanic that was teased before

During the last trailer for Homefront: The Revolution we caught wind of one of the game's mechanics, Hearts and Minds, but never really received a solid explanation on how it works. It was more of a footnote in the video by Dambuster Studios on how the combat and tactics of the game will be used in the game. It is almost like Deep Silver is releasing the videos for Homefront here while introducing the mechanics or features for the next video coming. Thankfully now we have a full explanation of the mechanic along with another tidbit here.

Pretty much the Hearts and Minds feature of Homefront is just as I suspected it would be. You go through the different missions in the game and the non-KPA characters in the game get bolstered up with pride and look to help you out. It could be by helping you blend in with more people brave enough to hit the street to the addition of new safe houses. Also Homefront: The Revolution's world will change as everyone gets braver and willing to spread the propaganda. Just as about the way you would think.

Here's the latest trailer showing off all of that in motion. The keep waiting for the game to release on May 17th for the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam platforms.

Homefront: The Revolution — Hearts and Minds 101

On top of the look at the gameplay feature we also have another bit to go with it all. This is more of a marketing tidbit but it does offer a few little extras for Homefront: The Revolution. You can currently head over to the game's website and earn Merits by completing "missions" on the site. Things like watching a video or sharing items from the site. All of the Merits you gain here will unlock Combat Gear from the Red Rebel set, which can be used to customize your co-op character in Resistance Mode. It's nothing too major but it will keep the game on your mind and earn you free extras.

Did the new mechanic for Homefront: The Revolution shape up to be what you thought it was going to be like myself? Do you think that there will be a counter aspect built in to tear things down if you ignore an area for too long? Are you heading off to go unlock all of those Merits right now? Let us know and discuss everything down in the comments below. For all things Homefront be sure to keep your browser pointed right here as we will bring you everything that there is to offer.