The Climb Takes Us To New Heights & Dark Locations

The Climb

A new trailer for The Climb has been released and it shows off some new caves and an alpine locale crafted just for The Climb

With all the VR news out there due to GDC it looks like we get to add yet another bit in there in terms of The Climb. At least this time it is for some software that Crytek is working on and not some new hardware and pricing that will be debated for hours on end. What good is the hardware without titles like The Climb to help show things off and get players actually trying out things they may be a bit too timid to try in the first place? The Oculus hardware needs to be more than just experiences or it will fall flat after all.

That all said, here we go with another trailer for The Climb fresh out the gate. This time we get to see more on the location side instead of how this will actually be a game. The location focus here is a new alpine forest type of place but it does look like we are going to be getting some caves and underground traversal as well. The Climb could quickly turn into more of a horror title now without any of the ghouls or monsters we normally assume will be in there. Acrophobia obviously but now we could see claustrophobia as well. Neat.

The Climb — Alps Unveiled

On the base here it does look like The Climb is more of an experience instead of a game. That is if you forget the gameplay footage we had before where it seem like you will be scored based on some of the climbing risks and skills you are willing to use or take. Such a basic concept but it could turn into a truly interesting experience for those who don't have the physical prowess or capabilities to take The Climb in real life. Pun totally intended there.

What do you think about The Climb now? Do you see this as more of a game or an experience coming to the Oculus? Do you think that the VR aspect will actually frighten more players here or could it possibly help them overcome? Let us know what you think down in the comments and discuss. For more The Climb and other VR titles coming our way be sure to stay tuned into the site here. We will have more as it flows out and you definitely won't want to miss a thing.