Mortal Kombat X's Drunken Master Has Stumbled To The Forefront

Mortal Kombat X

The third new character coming to Mortal Kombat X in the next DLC push, Bo' Rai Cho, was shown off and Mortal Kombat X looks to be in for many fart jokes

The third or the four new fighters coming to Mortal Kombat X via the Kombat Pack 2 DLC has been shown off at it was the lovable drunken master Bo' Rai Cho. NetherRealm Studios gave us a glimpse of the character during the story mode of MKX but now the DLC is bringing him fully to life and bringing more "comic relief" to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Comic relief in the terms of he kills with farts in Mortal Kombat X. Let that sink in and then we'll move on to the variations.

Hardcore Mortal Kombat fans would remember Bo' Rai Cho from past titles including Deadly Alliance where he had his first in-game appearance. It looks like the devs are building on all of that as many of his moves, specials, and finishers are all inspired by that game and a few others leading into Mortal Kombat X. Puking, farts, and drinking are all part of his skill tree as well as his sumo fighting style where he crushes enemies with a huge belly flop where they play the role of the water in the pool.

You can see each of the variations broken down in usual Kombat Kast form from the people over at NetherRealm Studios just below but the short and easy version is a traditional staff fighting style in terms of Bartitsu, using the booze to spit fire and set his farts ablaze in Dragon's Breath, then to wrap it up pure Drunken Master where his abilities get charged and extended the more drunk he is. The drawback there is that the drunken time is limited to ten seconds between drinks and if you stop drinking then there is a "purge" that will leave you open for any Mortal Kombat X novice to even mop the floor with you.

Mortal Kombat X — Bo' Rai Cho

Bo' Rai Cho

  • Dragon's Breath — Gains Fire Spit, Up Fire Spit, and Ground Fire
  • Drunken Master — Gains Head Dive, Spinning Fists, Multi-Slap, and Drink
  • Bartitsu — Gains Spinning Kane, Flying Kick, and attacks utilizing his Staff

While it is the most off the wall variation in Mortal Kombat X yet I do have to say that Drunken Master has to be my favorite of the three here. There is some great strategy and time management that needs to go into it for certain but the devastation that it brings looks too well offset the risk. It just looks to require a lot of practice and training to nail down. Then again this is from my outsider view as I still have not been able to see how the character handles in Mortal Kombat X just yet. Not long now though.

What are your thoughts on Bo' Rai Cho here in Mortal Kombat X? Does he look to have a more rounded, pun intended, variation list or just another DLC character that no one will touch after launch? What other character, if any, would you have preferred to see instead of Bo' Rai Cho in this DLC? Discuss away in the comments below. Next week we are going to get to see the final character, Alien, coming for the Kombat Pack 2 DLC and I am sure that Warner Bros. has a few extras in the wait for Mortal Kombat X so be sure we will have those updates right here when they come.