Mortal Kombat X Lets The Massacre Get Underway

Mortal Kombat X

The break down for Mortal Kombat X's upcoming Leatherface DLC has been shown off and it looks like he has a lot to add to Mortal Kombat X in terms of fighting and awesomeness

The next character for Mortal Kombat X's upcoming Kombat Pack DLC has been shown off and it is glorious. Leatherface has shown his face and variations in the latest Kombat Kast that NetherRealm Studios held yesterday. For those still not in the know this is how they have shown off pretty much everything for Mortal Kombat X to date and now with the DLC and Mortal Kombat XL version almost here for the PS4 and Xbox One it was high time to show us another character in his true form.

You can see the full recap of what was shown off for Leatherface in Mortal Kombat X but if you want to save some time it is a lot of great movie references and moves for the character and he looks to be even more brutal than Jason was in the first pack. Each of his variations give him a different skin based on the film it was inspired by and each look just like the character made the jump from celluloid to Mortal Kombat X in the perfect way. Even down to the use of the mallet and the dress in the Pretty Lady variation.

Mortal Kombat X — Leatherface


  • Killer — Gains Berserker Stance
  • Butcher — Gains Gut Slice, Blood Bath, and attacks utilizing his Mallet
  • Pretty Lady — Gains Saw Toss, Up Saw Toss, and Low Saw Toss

Just as it seems the case for many of the variations in Mortal Kombat X I will have to say that Pretty Lady looks to be the weakest and just thrown in as Leatherface needed a third variation. The character looks the best in that skin but only gains the ability to throw his chainsaws? Even in the stream the guys from NetherRealm Studios tended to go toward the other two forms and it is easy to see why. I do love the variation system in Mortal Kombat X but not all characters are truly benefiting from them as they should be in my opinion.

The second Kombat Pack is still slated for a March 1st release and will work with either Mortal Kombat X or Mortal Kombat XL as long as you have the game on the PS4 and/or Xbox One. During the stream it was mentioned that we will be seeing more on the new characters as well as breakdowns for the other two, Alien and Bo’ Rai Cho, in the coming weeks. Also there were allusions to more hidden brutalities that have yet to be found in Mortal Kombat X. I'm not sure how any of them will out do Leatherface's that was shown but the hunt continues.

What are your thoughts on Leatherface here for Mortal Kombat X? Are you as impressed with the character as I am? Do you think that they should have put more work into the third variation? Are you more excited for the other characters to hit Mortal Kombat X instead? Let us know what you are thinking in the comments below. As we get more out of the studio and Warner Bros. on Mortal Kombat X and its DLC we will update you here. Be sure to stick around for more as it flows.