See How The Climb Is Aimed To Be More Realistic Than We Thought

The Climb

A new developer diary for The Climb has been released and it shows off some of the ways that the developer is trying to make The Climb the most realistic climbing sim to date

A few months back we first caught wind of The Climb as it began its development cycle. This would be the new rock climbing simulator that Crytek is working on to give us all a nice new experience to have with the Oculus Rift. For the most part The Climb sounds just like the title makes the game sound. You are setting out on various "climbs" in the VR setting using your own abilities to spot handholds and click buttons to grab onto ledges. I am sure The Climb will play smoother with the Oculus Touch than the description here.

Well now we have another look at how The Climb is being crafted over there. The usual fare of things as it goes or you would expect. Crytek is aiming to have real world physics and gravity in place to make sure the feel of the game is as authentic as ever and some of the developers go on weekly climbing skirmishes to ensure The Climb feels the same as if in the real world. Like I said, pretty standard fair when trying to build a game based on something we can actually have a real world comparison to.

What is a bit interesting, and not fully detailed here, is that it looks like The Climb will have its own scoring system built into the game so it won't just be an experience but also have gameplay elements. Granted it doesn't look like much more than you earning points for taking risks in The Climb but it is something besides just having speed runs. You can kind of see it in the below video and that is how I personally see it here but it could be different when The Climb finally launches so who knows?

The Climb — Base Camp

Now that you've seen more of The Climb, what do you think? Did you see the same gameplay elements mixed in as I did? Do you think that it will be more than enough to make The Climb stand out as a video game and not just a VR experience as it already seems? Let us know and discuss in the comments below. As we get more on The Climb and other news out of Crytek we will have it here. Stick around so you can stay right on top of all of that as it comes into existence.