Things Warm Up A Bit In Kholat's Environments

Recently we had a bit of Kholat's environment shown off and it was nothing but an awesome deep freeze with an empty world. IMGN.PRO has yet another look at the game's empty world with another, yet longer, look at the game's environments. As was with the last video we are definitely getting that lonely vibe that looks to be present through Kholat's psychological horror gameplay I know I am still waiting to see. Seems odd that all we have had has been environment looks since Kholat launches on PC on June 10th but I guess beggars can't be chooses here.

What is interesting here for Kholat is the addition of more fire elements in the game's world. Until now it has been a dark and cold place. Now we can expect a few areas where there will be a bit of warmth and light. Not to mention this latest video shows off that Kholat will use the lighting effects from the Unreal Engine to some of their great capacities. We all should know the power there but we can see it here as the developers are using the tools very nicely. At least we can assume that from the little snippets we have for Kholat.

As I said, there isn't much more for Kholat outside of getting another walk through the game's world. There are all kinds of new environments here to look at which is nice but I know I'd like to see what we will be doing besides walking through pretty levels in Kholat. I guess we may have to wait until the game's launch but until then you can have a look at all the new areas I mentioned above in the new trailer just below. Enjoy.

Kholat — Environment Trailer

So are you tired of just seeing the level builds with nothing else to go on for Kholat? Do you agree with my earlier comments about the isolation being the game's huge horror aspect? Without any gameplay has Kholat fallen off your radar until IMGN.PRO gives us true gameplay? Let us know what you think down in the comments and keep checking back as we will update as we get closer to Kholat official release date.