Outlast 2 Is Officially In The Works

Well it looks like we are officially getting an Outlast 2 and I couldn't be more tickled pink about that. Hells I'd be tickled red with a scalpel to the belly for Outlast 2 and it looks like Red Barrels is giving us just that. Hopefully by now you've had a chance to experience Outlast on the Xbox One, PS4, or PC by now. If not then you may not get the excitement.

The announcement comes from an interview between Bloody Disgusting and Red Barrels' co-founder Philippe Morin where Outlast 2 was 100% confirmed. It looks like we will be heading back into the universe set up in Outlast but not same characters or setting. According to the interview we may not even be getting the same gameplay mechanics where we were forced to hide or run instead of defend ourselves against the maniacs in Mount Massive Asylum.

It's not confirmed one way or another but yes, in the interview the question was asked if Outlast 2 would allow us to defend ourselves this time around and it was left kind of open. I personally hope that we don't get that option in Outlast 2 as that was what drummed up the sense of panic and dread during Outlast. You had no way to defend yourself and that was the most terrifying part of the game. In a world full of action and shooter titles I think this is what made the franchise stand out and become as successful as it had. Please don't alter that. It's a winning combo for you Red Barrels.

I guess we'll find out the direction that they will go with Outlast 2 soon though as the team is stated to be heavy in the development process as you read these words. If it is anything like the first title I think we can expect to see some test footage and maybe even a demo for Outlast 2 at next year's E3 or possibly sooner. I'm hoping for sooner.

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