Skycast Episode Four: Levels 26-35 brings you the Skycast - a podcast involving all things Skyrim. Brian and Corey are joined this episode by PDP's Community Manager Extraordinaire - Candace. The three discuss Candace's experiences on the XBox 360, fighting dragons and how her horses keep seeming to find themselves in precarious situations. The crew touches on the continuing troubles facing owners of the PlayStation 3 and you definitely do not want to miss Corey and Candace teaming up to harass Brian over his lack of continuing the main story line.

The episode covers approximately levels 26-35 of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Warning: There are more than a few spoilers. You've been warned.

There were two articles mentioned during episode four:

Playing Skyrim as a Pacifist
The Life and Death of Skyrim's Lydia

Check them out.

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