Dungeons and Dragons - Daggerdale Review

Game play and combat is so mindless, it hurts.  I chose a Human fighter for my first play through and spent more time clicking after enemies than doing anything remotely strategic. This makes for one of the most boring hack n' slash titles I have played to date.  Also frustrating was in certain areas, where enemies could see me from afar, but until I came close enough to trip the 'trigger' they just stand back and giggle at each other.

Overall this game is horrible.  It really had a lot of potential, but because of all the bugs and lack of support from Bedlam games, this game is almost unplayable.  I've read on the forums that players have also run into bugs online where they lose all of their stats and loot once they reach a certain level, as well as experience constant lag and drop off issues.  Issues like that make me glad that I didn't have the chance to play online, since that was my hope for this title.  Until Bedlam gets a solid patch out and fixes most of these issues - don't even bother wasting the 15 bucks.  There is no excuse for games like this, especially from Atari. 

At this point I wouldn't recommend Daggerdale to anyone, especially since I can't even play it with the people I would recommend it to in the first place!  So now I wait for Neverwinter...

Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale was developed and published by Bedlam games and Atari on Tuesday May 24th 2011 for the Xbox Live arcade and PC. Daggerdale MSRP is $15. A PC copy of the game was purchased from Target for review purposes. I played through several hours of of the single player campaign, unfortunately I was not able to get online and participate in the multiplayer player side of the game.